Best Free SEO Tools 2021

We have compiled the best free SEO tools for you to help you with search engine optimization. All tools have been tested by us.

In addition to SEO tools that offer you an overview and optimization suggestions for onpage, keywords and backlinks, you will also find free special tools for editors, webmasters and programmers.

The tools should help you to correct mistakes, to discover unused SEO potential and to improve your rankings.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a broad field and indispensable for successful websites. By optimizing your website, you can ensure that your page is listed as high as possible in the organic search results on Google and other search engines.

A good ranking is important so that internet users looking for information and products can find your offers.

When it comes to search engine optimization, SEO tools are useful aids for every webmaster. With the tools you can carry out a detailed SEO check on your website.

1. Free SEO tools for beginners and advanced users

With the free SEO tools presented below, you can check your website in detail with regard to SEO criteria. The tools provide you with detailed information on where your website needs to be optimized.

1.1 Seobility – SEO Tool for OnPage Optimization

With Seobility you can carry out a comprehensive SEO check on your website. The free tool analyzes your website in terms of compliance with Google guidelines and provides you with tips for optimization. With the evaluation, you will receive understandable information on the page structure, links, meta information or even server performance and social media. Seobility enables you to set up a free account in which you can set up a project that is then re-analyzed every 24 hours. With Seobility you can crawl a total of up to 1,000 pages per day and monitor up to 200 external links and up to 10 keywords. The possibility to analyze up to 3 of your competitors with Seobility is also helpful.

Test Seobility

1.2 Ryte FREE OnPage SEO Tool

Ryte FREE is considered one of the best free SEO tools for OnPage optimization and enables extensive analyzes and numerous evaluations. Ryte FREE provides you with many useful tips for optimizing your website. Up to 100 own URL’s are possible. The free version includes a domain and 1 monthly crawl. With Ryte FREE you can monitor 5 keywords, analyze 5 individual pages and carry out 5 WDF * IDF analyzes for free.

Analyze the page with Ryte FREE

1.3 SISTRIX Smart – SEO tool for beginners

SISTRIX Smartis a proven SEO tool for beginners. With the free version of the award-winning SISTRIX Toolbox, you can professionally analyze a website. SISTRIX Smart enables you to carry out a detailed on-page check of your website and provides you with information on the ranking for up to 100 different search terms, among other things. The tool checks up to 1,000 subpages of a domain and is therefore more suitable for small and medium-sized websites.

A competition analysis and an availability analysis are also possible. If you wish, SISTRIX Smart will send you the results of the analyzes once a week by email. The tool also shows you how visible your website is. In addition, the tool shows you the influence of Google updates on the ranking.

Google publishes smaller and larger updates at very irregular intervals, that can have an impact on the ranking of your website. Examples of this are the Google Penguin or the Google Panda Update.

With the SISTRIX Google Update Analysis can check changes in the visibility index for your domain in relation to search queries. The tool also provides you with a detailed history and timeline of past Google updates.

Test SISTRIX Smart

1.7 SEORCH – OnPage Analysis and Tools for the SEO Check

Also SEORCH provides you different tools for on-page SEO analysis and check your website for free. This includes tools for on-page and off-page analysis, social media and the evaluation of semantic data. Simply enter the URL and the results will be there within a few seconds.

The tool provides you with detailed information on weak points and gives you tips for improvement. Furthermore, you can use a Google SERP Snippet Tool and a Google Rank Checker on SEORCH as well as carry out an SEO OnPage comparison with your competitors. Another tool suggests longtail keywords if necessary. Like Varvvy, SEORCH works at the URL level.

Analyze the page with SEORCH

1.8 Google Search Console – Basic Equipment for Webmasters

The webmaster tools of the two opponents Google and Bing should be part of the standard equipment for analyzing and monitoring your website. The free and very extensive tools provide you with information and detailed reports on the indexed pages, search queries, rankings, links and much more that is important for your website.

The Google Search Console provides webmasters with interesting and insightful insights into how their own website is perceived by Google. You will also receive very detailed evaluations of crawling errors, loading times, such as the current indexing status of your website, as well as information on search queries and actual access numbers.

Backlinks and much more are also checked by the Google Search Console. “As Google” lets you see your website being crawled by the search engine. All errors that are displayed in the Google Search Console should be fixed with priority if you want to move up in SEO.

The use of the Google Search Console is free and should be mandatory for every website operator. In addition, Google announced on January 8, 2018 that a new beta version was available.

The Google Search Console Beta offers, among other things, a new look. The new index coverage lists the errors that prevent indexing.

To the Google Search Console

1.9 Bing Webmaster Tools – deep insights into your website

The Bing Webmaster Tools , in addition to the Google Search Console, give you in-depth insights into how your website is perceived by the two search engines Bing and Yahoo.

The tools show you where there are problems and where there is potential for optimization.

Various diagnostic and reporting tools included in the Bing Webmaster Tools provide you with information on the usage data of your website, SEO reports and much more. You can also store an XML sitemap.

In order to use the Bing Webmaster Tools, you need to set up a free Microsoft account.

To the Bing Webmaster Tools

1.10 Varvy – free and extensive tool collection

Varvy provides you with a wealth of useful and informative tools for analyzing your website.

The tool checks OnPage criteria as well as the internal linking and loading time for your website and provides valuable tips.

You can get detailed information about the images placed on your website with the Image Tool. Overall, the Varvy tools are easy to use, but still deliver meaningful results that you can use to optimize your website.

All checkpoints are backed up with quotes from the Google Guidelines, which can be very helpful for SEO beginners.

However, the tool only works on the URL level and is therefore more suitable for short checks in between or for the targeted optimization of important landing pages.

To the Varvy SEO Tool

1.11 Seopowersuite tool collection

The Seopowersuite is a collection of tools that must be installed locally on the computer. In the free version, only one domain can be checked and the reports are not saved. The free version is therefore only suitable for small pages that can implement optimization suggestions directly.

Download Seopowersuite

1.12 diagnoSEO

DiagnoSEO’s SEO tool is used for on-page optimization. After an analysis, you will receive tips for improving your website. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website and one or more keywords relevant to the website. The evaluation takes place as a colored graphic and shows you in an easily understandable way where there is potential for optimization.

To the diangoSEO tool

1.13 SEOlingo

SEOlingo is SEO software that helps you with onpage optimization. Using a traffic light system, you can immediately see in which areas there is still potential for optimization. Only one domain can be checked in the free version. The software analyzes up to 100 subpages of the domain and offers you one crawl per week. Online SEOlingo offers a free SEO quick check.

Install Seolingo

2. Free tools for web analysis

Before you start optimizing your website, you should know, for example, where visitors come from, how much of them use a smartphone or tablet, which pages are accessed most often and how long the visitors stay on your website. You will get answers to these questions through tools for web analysis. With these tools you can analyze the behavior of your visitors, the traffic, the page views and much more in detail. In addition, these tools enable you to precisely control the success of the adjustments made, your optimization measures and advertising campaigns.

2.1 Google Analytics – indispensable and free

Google Analytics is probably the best known of the free tools for professional web analysis. Among other things, Google Analytics provides you with a detailed analysis of how Internet users find your website and where they come from. The tool shows you how your website is being used and where most visitors leave the site. Additional functions allow you to determine what is happening on your website right now, and how high the current load is. The knowledge gained with Google Analytics is a good basis for a targeted search engine optimization – OnPage and OffPage.

Open Google Analytics now

2.2 Google Data Studio – create extensive reports easily

With Google Data Studio, you can easily create attractive and dynamic reports on your website yourself. To use this tool, you only need your own Google account, so that Google Data Studio receives the required data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics and Google Sheets and other sources for you can summarize and process. The reports are usually easy to understand and can be personalized with a logo or background image and then easily shared with colleagues or employees.

Open Google Data Studio now

2.3 Matamo (Piwik Web Analytics) – free and detailed web analyzes

Matamo (formerly Piwik Web Analytics) is free web analytics software with functions similar to Google Analytics. The software analyzes visitor flows and user behavior on your website. Unlike Google Analytics, the Piwik software is installed on a local server so that you have control over Piwik. Piwik is ideal for the analysis and monitoring of small to medium-sized projects and can be expanded with plugins if necessary.

Analyze the page with Matamo

2.4 Keyword Hero – No more “not provided”

In Google Analytics it is no longer possible to view the organic keywords. The Keywords Hero tool wants to avoid this problem and also shows you data on “not provided” keywords – according to their own statements, the keywords found have an accuracy of 90%. To see the data, you need to connect Keyword Hero to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. In the free version, the keywords for 25 of your most visited URLs are checked.

“Not provided” deal with Keyword Hero

2.5 SimilarWeb: Traffic data for your domain

SimilarWeb estimates the number of visitors to your domain and shows you the traffic data in the respective channels search, display, social media and much more. In addition, the tool shows you similar pages – so new competitors can be identified quickly.

Check traffic with SimilarWeb

2.6 Yunit – Mousetracking & more

With the free tool Yunit you can understand how visitors use your website and analyze their activities. Mouse movements, keystrokes, the use of the page navigation or the execution of JavaScript and clicks are recorded by the tool.

Improve usability with Yunit

2.7 Hotjar

Hotjar is a collection of useful tracking tools for user recordings, monitoring of forms, conversion funnels and more. The basic version of Hotjar can be used free of charge.

Check user behavior with Hotjar

3. Tools for PageSpeed ​​tests and loading time optimization

The PageSpeed ​​or the loading speed of a website has a not insignificant influence on the ranking. PageSpeed ​​tests and the optimization of loading times are therefore an essential part of search engine optimization. With various free tools, you can measure the loading times and, if necessary, optimize them with suitable measures, usually reducing the amount of data to be transferred. In the following sections you will find tried and tested tools with which you can measure the loading time of your website for free.

3.1 WebPageTest – performance analysis for websites

WebPagetest is another free tool that you can use to test and optimize the performance of your website. The tool provides you with a range of meaningful data and can be individually adapted by you to your needs. The WebPagetest Tool divides the result of the analysis into the categories of compression, content breakdown, first byte time, caching and more. For each category, you will receive information on weak points and optimization potential. In contrast to many other free tools for loading times, you can select numerous locations here, including Frankfurt.

Analyze the page with WebPageTest

3.2 Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

The Pagespeed Insights support you in measuring and optimizing the performance of your website. The free tool analyzes your website based on the URL you have to enter. After the analysis, you will receive information on the parts that passed the test and the points that should be optimized by you. It is helpful to classify the priority of the optimization proposals into high, medium, low and experimental.

Analyze the page with PageSpeed ​​Insights

3.3 Pingdom Tools – detailed analysis of loading times

The Pingdom Tools provide you with a very precise analysis of the loading times of your website. After entering the URL of your website, the tool analyzes how much time your page needs to load completely. And you get information about how high the transfer volume is and how many requests your website sends. After completing the analysis, you will receive a detailed overview of, for example, which page content was loaded when, how long the loading time was, where the file in question is on the server and much more. Thanks to the detailed analysis, you can usually quickly find the cause of performance problems. In the free version, the loading times from Stockholm, New York City, Melbourne and San Jose are measured.

Analyze the page with Pingdom Tools

3.4 GTmetrix – Analysis of the loading time and PageSpeed ​​optimization

GTMetrix is a free tool for the analysis of the loading time and for the PageSpeed ​​optimization. The tool provides you with information about the total loading time as well as the loading times of the individual page contents such as images, CSS and others. The basis of the analysis by Gtmetrix are the results of YSLOW and PageSpeed, which the tool makes available as a report. In addition, GTmetrix offers the option of downloading the result of the analysis as a PDF file, which can be useful for a later comparison of the optimizations carried out. In the free version, the loading times from Vancouver are measured.

Analyze the page with GTmetrix

3.5 Uptimerobot – Detect downtime immediately

Uptimerobot checks the availability of your website and informs you in case of failures. For example, you can react quickly to server failures so as not to lose rankings due to long downtimes.

Check availability with Uptimerobot

4. SEO tools for mobile optimization

The number of mobile internet users is growing steadily. Therefore, you should not ignore the optimization of your website for display on mobile devices. There are also various free SEO tools for this part of search engine optimization that help you to optimize your website for use on mobile devices and point you to potential for improvement.

4.1 Think with Google – Speed ​​Testing Tool for Mobile Websites

ThinkWithGoogle is a mobile website speed testing tool from Google. The free tool checks your website for loading speed and usability. You can have the detailed report on the test sent to you by email. The evaluation shows you weak points and optimization possibilities and explains in an easily understandable way why optimization makes sense.

Analyze the page with TestmySite

4.2 Google Mobile-Friendly Test – website optimization for mobile devices

The Google Mobile Friendly Test is a test that can help optimize your website for display on mobile devices. The free tool analyzes the user-friendliness and usability of your website on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Based on the analysis, you will receive information on errors and suggestions on how to optimize your site. The Google Mobile Friendly Test evaluates each page individually and not the entire website. You can obtain information on which pages are having problems through the Google Search Console.

To the Mobile Friendly Test


On you can quickly see how your website is displayed on different devices. Errors in the design can be identified quickly, but the tool does not provide any suggestions for optimization.

Check display on end devices

5. Important tools for webmasters

If you want to dig deeper into technical analyzes in addition to the tools mentioned above, you will find a selection of relevant tools for webmasters here – completely free of charge. Validation tools for web developers also help you to check whether your website meets the current HTML or CSS standards. The validity is not included in the evaluation of the website by Google & Co, but the number of errors should be as low as possible so that the page can be read by the search engines without any problems.

5.1 Screaming Frog – OnPage Analysis Tool and SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO-Spider offers extensive functions for a detailed technical analysis of your website. The tool is for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux and is installed locally. The free version crawls up to 500 subpages of a domain. The full version offers an unlimited crawl limit and is available for as little as £ 149.00 per year – comparatively a bargain for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the SEO technology of a website. Screaming Frog gives you a good overview of the content of your site. The evaluation can be sorted individually. You get detailed information about meta descriptions, page titles, images, ALT tags, headings, number of words and much more. However, due to the wide range of functions, some training is required to be able to use the tool effectively.

Download ScreamingFrog

5.2 Xenu’s Link Sleuth SEO Website Link Crawler

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is like ScreamingFrog a spider software with which you can analyze the internal links of your website, among other things. After the analysis you will receive a clear list of the link structure of your website. In addition to the links, the tool also includes graphics, backgrounds, images and much more in its analysis. With the help of Xenu’s Link Sleuth you can find dead links and orphaned pages and also get an overview of the data relevant for search engine optimization such as meta description or page title. For years Xenu was the ultimate tool for all technical SEO’s and is still completely free to download. The functions of Xenu and Screaming Frog are almost identical.

Download Xenu

5.3 Beamusup SEO Spider

Beamusup , like ScreamingFrog and Xenu`s Link Sleuth, is an SEO spider that provides you with all the data about your URLs and errors. Here, too, the data can be further processed in Excel. Unlike other free SEO spiders, Beamusup has no limit.

Download Beamusup

5.4 Page report

At you can analyze your website in detail and free of charge. Although the free analysis of the SEO tool is limited to one URL each, in addition to the HTML and CSS code, the metadata, loading times, information on the sitemap or the Robots.txt file are examined in detail.

Check URL with page report

5.5 BROWSEO – sees your website like a search engine

If you want to know how your website is seen by search engine crawlers, without styles or images, BrowSEO is the right tool for this purpose. With the tool it is easily possible to recognize hidden texts and to check the HTML on your page. In addition, the tool provides you with a differentiated display of the internal, external and nofollow links.

Analyze the page with BrowSeo

5.6 Httpstatus

If you want to set up forwarding on your website, you can save a lot of work with the free tool Httpstatus . The tool provides you with the status code and possible redirects for the URLs entered. You can conveniently download the information as a .csv file from

Check status codes now

5.7 Sitemap generator

If you want to submit an XML sitemap of your website to Google & Co, you can easily create the sitemap yourself with the sitemap generator . The XML sitemap of your website supports the search engine bot in crawling your site. The sitemap generator also provides you with information about the actual number of pages and a list of broken links.

Create an XML sitemap now

5.8 JSON-LD – practical schema generator for SEO

One way you can make search engines aware of the importance of certain content on your website is through structured data. With a structure you can make connections between the data recognizable, which is not possible in pure HTML. One example is the definition and assignment of the product name, description and rating to a specific product. This is exactly what and the JSON-LD Schema Generator fulfill. is a joint project by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. The aim of is to use structured data to make the web more searchable. The JSON-LD schema generator enables you to meet the specified Microdata declarations from The generator is free and already offers you numerous predefined schemes for people, products, events and much more. All you have to do is enter your data, generate the code and integrate it into your website.

Analyze page with JSON-LD schema generator

5.9 Video Snippet Generator from Sistrix

The microdata of your website is an important aid for search engines to better understand the content of your website. Search engines usually have big problems with videos. In order for videos to be displayed as thumbnails in the rich snippets of the SERPs and to increase the click rate (CTR), the microdata is essential. With the video snippet generator you can create a suitable mark-up in no time at all.

To the video snippet generator

5.10 Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool

The Rich Snippet Testing Tool is also a free Google tool. With the tool you can check the generated HTML markups for the snippets that can be displayed in the SERPs.

Test Rich Snippets Award

5.11 Hreflang generator from Sistrix

If you have a multilingual website, you can use the Sistrix Hreflang Generator to quickly and easily create a Hreflang code. All you have to do is select the country and language and the code will appear. If you already use Hreflang, you can also check your code for errors here free of charge.

To the Hreflang generator

5.12 W3C Markup Validation Service

The W3C Markup Validation Service is used to validate HTML, XHTML and other web documents. The free tool of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) checks the structure of your HTML websites for conformity with the current W3C web standards. Detailed reports with errors and warnings found by the tool serve as a basis for troubleshooting through direct intervention in the source code of the website.

Validate the page with W3C markup

5.13 W3C CSS Validation Service – CSS validation made easy

With the W3C CSS Validation Service you can validate the CSS code of your website. The tool checks the CSS code for conformity with the current CSS standards. The evaluation with any errors found and the warnings from the tool can serve as a starting point for correcting the CSS code of your website.

Have the page validated with W3C CSS

5.14 SSL Server Test – Checking SSL Certificates

With the SSL server test from Qualys SSL Labs you can check the SSL certificate of your website for correct and faultless function in different browsers. The tool provides you with comprehensive information about the issuer of the certificate, the period of validity and the encryption method. With the free tool you can also test which algorithm the signature of the certificate uses. And you receive information about the key used and the trustworthiness of the certificate.

Analyze SSL certificates now

5.15 SSL Checker – validate SSL certificates

The free SSL Checker from SSL Shopper finds any problems that may arise when installing an SSL certificate on your web server. With the verification by the SSL Checker you can ensure that the certificate is valid, properly set up and trustworthy. If you want to use the free SSL Checker, you have to enter the URL of your web server. An optional reminder function informs you in good time before the certificate expires.

Validate the page with SSL Checker

5.16 HTTP / 2 test – check support of the HTTP / 2 protocol

You can use the free HTTP / 2 test to check whether your website supports the HTTP / 2 protocol or whether the protocol versions HTTP / 1.0 and HTTP / 1.1 are used. The HTTP / 2 protocol improves the speed and security of data transmission and is supported by the current versions of the Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Now check the HTTP / 2 protocol

5.17 TinyPNG and TinyJPG – compress PNG and JPG images optimally

Small file size images reduce the loading time of your website. TinyPNG and TinyJPG are free tools with which you can easily compress images in JPG and PNG format by 50 to 80 percent. The tools compress the images in such a way that a difference between before and after can hardly be made out. You can compress up to 20 images with a maximum size of 5 MB each with TinyPNG and TinyJPG at the same time. You can also use the services several times in a row.

Optimize images with TinyJPG

5.18 Google Cache – this is how your page is indexed on Google

With the help of Google Cache, you can see your website as Google sees it. Only with text and without images, animations or your styles. In this sense, Google Cache is not an SEO tool, but it helps you to understand how your page is perceived by Google, how the search engine interprets the page and whether individual areas were not recognized by Google at all.

Try Google Cache

6. Useful browser addons and plugins

The plugins and browser add-ons presented here help you in your daily work – just a few clicks you have all the relevant data at a glance.

6.1 Google Chrome developer tools

With the Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools), the Chrome web browser from Google offers you a very good collection of tools for web development. The Chrome DevTools include various authorization and debugging tools that you can use to track and fix problems with the layout of your page. The tools make it possible to set JavaScript breakpoints and to simulate the display of your website on devices with different resolutions using so-called breakpoints.

Download DevTools now

6.2 Firebug Web Development Plugin – Tool for web developers

The Firebug Web Developement plugin with the mouseover function you can use the ALT and TITLE entries your links and your check images. With the tool you can quickly find missing or empty entries. The network function of the tool gives you an overview of the loading times of the page content and scripts of your website. The range of functions of the Firebug Web Development Plugin is large and requires a little training time. To do this, you can customize the plugin if necessary and expand it with the PageSpeed ​​from Google, for example.

Download Firebug now

6.3 Yoast SEO Tool – the WordPress plugin for search engine optimization

The Yoast SEO Toolis the most used plugin among the SEO tools for the WordPress CMS, which is used a million times.

With the plugin you expand WordPress with numerous functions for search engine optimization. It enables you to quickly create individual page titles and META descriptions and analyze the content of the pages. With the tool you can determine whether archives, tags, categories and more can be included in the index by Google and other search engines or not. Generate XML sitemaps for your pages and posts with the Yoast SEO tool. It is also possible to link the tool with Google Analytics, the Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. If you use WordPress,

Try the Yoast plugin

7. Tools for backlink analysis

Backlinks are links that point to your website from another website. On the internet they are something like recommendations and therefore an important criterion for the evaluation of a website by the search engines. Basically, the more backlinks point to a page, the more important the page appears to the search engines for a particular topic. Above all, however, the quality of the backlinks is important. The quality of a backlink depends on various factors. The quality of the content of the linked page plays just as important a role as the so-called domain authority, the link popularity, the TrustRank and a number of other points. You can use backlink analysis tools to distinguish the valuable from bad backlinks for your website and to generate new backlinks in a targeted manner.

7.1 OpenLinkProfiler – detailed backlink analysis

After entering the URL of your website, the OpenLinkProfiler will display up to 200,000 latest backlinks for your site. You can sort the search result individually by nofollow links, link text, link target or unique domains. The so-called Link Influence Score (LIS) shows you the quality of the links and can also show you links that are not particularly trustworthy. Overall, the OpenLinkProfiler provides detailed and well-prepared information about the backlink structure of your website on the basis of very current data.

Analyze the page with Open Link Profiler

7.2 WebMeUp Link Profiler

WebMeUp is an SEO tool for analyzing the backlink profile based on current backlink data. The free tool provides you with information about external links to your website. In addition to evaluating the number of backlinks, unique domains or IPs, the tool offers the option of downloading all links. This way you can display further details for each link if required. For example the anchor text, the linking domain and much more. WebMeUp offers you a wide range of functions and is currently almost completely free to use.

Analyze page with WebMeUp

7.3 Majestic Site Explorer – detailed backlink analysis for your website

The Majestic Site Explorer is a free SEO tool with which you can analyze the incoming links and key figures for your website. In the background, the tool works with a large database of already crawled URLs, which is divided into a current index up to 3 months old and a historical index up to 6 years old. In addition to a summary of the key figures, the tool also provides you with insights into the data of the backlinks. This includes the linking domain, new backlinks from the last 90 days, backlinks that stopped referring to your website in the past 90 days and which anchor texts are used for the links.

Analyze the page with Majestic

7.4 SEOkicks Backlink Checker – always keeping an eye on your own link building

The backlink checker SEOkicks also works with its own extensive database in the background. With the free SEO tool SEOkicks you can check the number of backlinks for your website and see where they come from and what weighting they have. SEOkicks continuously collects link data with its own crawlers throughout the web and makes the data available free of charge on as a CSV export and API. With SEOkicks you can control the success of your link building and identify harmful backlinks for the ranking of your website without much effort.

Analyze page with SEOkicks

7.5 MOZ Open Site Explorer – collect and compare link data

With the MOZ Open Site Explorer, similar to SEOkicks, you can record, sort and, if necessary, export the link data to your website. The free and useful tool shows you the domain and page authority, root links and the number of links. A detailed overview of all incoming links and domains as well as their weighting and the display of the anchor texts used enable you to quickly compare different links.

Analyze page with MOZ

8. SEO tools for the ranking check

With SEO tools for analyzing the ranking of your website you can determine and monitor the current search engine positions for various keywords. Other tools presented here can help you to improve the display in search results. With these tools you always have a quick overview and up to date with the development of the ranking of your website and can react promptly in the event of a deterioration.

8.1 Ranking Spy – monitor search terms and determine the ranking

Ranking-Spy is a useful SEO tool if you want to determine and additionally monitor the placement of certain search terms for your website. The ranking is determined with a depth of up to 100 hits. Ranking Spy also offers a free keyword monitoring tool for monitoring a domain with up to 5 freely selectable search engines for 5 search terms. The SEO tool updates the ranking query daily and sends you a detailed evaluation as an Excel file by email once a week.

Analyze page with Ranking Spy

8.2 Whatsmyserp – Keyword ranking query on search engines

With Whatsmyserp you can determine the ranking of your website on all regional Google pages for certain keywords and see how your page performs compared to your competitors. In the free version, the SERP Checker determines the top 10 placements and the position of your page for up to 20 search terms. An additional keyword density checker also determines the keyword density for the individual search terms.

Analyze the page with Whatsmyserp

8.3 Panguin SEO Tool – Ranking and Penalty Check after Google Updates

The free Barracuda Panguin Tool shows you whether Google updates such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or Rankbrain had an impact on the visibility of your website and when the changes may have taken place. In order to be able to use the tool, you have to link it to your Analytics account.

Analyze the page with Panguin

9. SEO tools for keyword research and analysis

Keyword tools support you in extensive keyword research for frequently used search terms, so-called long-tail keywords, word combinations and more. Most of the free keyword analysis tools are based on the database, reports and statistics from Google search and are therefore very suitable for keyword analysis for Google.

9.1 Google AdWords Keyword Planner – the first point of contact for keyword research

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is considered by webmasters to be one of the best tools for analyzing and researching keywords. With the free tool, you can analyze the search volume of certain keywords and receive suggestions for keywords that match the search criteria. When creating the keyword suggestions, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner uses specific search queries and provides you with the competition factor for each keyword as well as an estimate of the expected monthly search queries. In order to be able to use the Google Keyword Planner, however, you must at least run an active AdWords campaign.

Open the Google Keyword Planner now

9.2 AnswerThePublic – Long Tail Keyword Research

AnswerThePublic is a keyword research tool that uses a search term you specify to analyze the relevant questions and prepositions that are frequently asked by Google users. The tool is ideal for determining long tail keywords and visualizes the search results with a subdivision according to the most common W-questions.

Check keywords with Answerthepublic

9.3 Semager – Semantic search for related terms

With the keyword tool Semager you can carry out a semantic search. Semager’s keyword database helps you to search for words with the same or similar meaning as the search term and also finds words with the same word beginning and associations. The search results are determined using semantic analysis and mathematical methods from many different websites. The use of semantically related terms make the texts of your website easier to read and understand and also plays an important role in optimizing the content.

Search keywords with Semager

9.4 Hypersuggest

Hypersuggest also provides you with keywords for your website that are not available in the Google Keyword Planner. The tool offers you almost countless keyword ideas for search engine optimization, SEA and targeted content marketing campaigns.

Find keyword phrases with hypersuggest


With the free you can search for specific keywords and so-called long-tail keywords on Google, Youtube, Bing or Amazon. In the free version you get numerous keywords displayed, but search volumes and CPCs are only available in the Pro version

Find keywords with

Free SEO tools for content

Part of search engine optimization is the analysis of the content. Good content that is informative for visitors is an important criterion for the ranking of your website. Good content leads to a higher conversion rate and ensures that customers and visitors share and link your pages with others. A big problem for many website operators today is duplicate content, which is almost the order of the day with the large number of thematically related websites. If Google finds duplicate content, this may result in a poorer ranking. Unique and informative content is a very important requirement for the success of your website. SEO tools can help you optimize the content on your website.

10. Duplicate Content Check – Tools with which you can find copied content

Duplicate content, content that can be found via different URLs, is widespread and a nuisance for affected webmasters. With the following SEO tools you can check whether others have used the content of your website and track down duplicate content

10.1 Google Similar Pages – Duplicate Content Analysis

Google Similar Pages is a plugin for Google Chrome. The plugin finds websites that are similar to the page you are currently viewing. With a click on the small symbol of the plugin near the address bar, your browser automatically sends a search query to Google in order to find websites with the same or similar content. The search results are automatically displayed in a dropdown and can be called up directly. So you can easily check whether others are using your content for themselves.

Download Google Similiar Pages now

10.2 Copyscape plagiarism analysis – find duplicate content quickly and reliably

You can find duplicate content and plagiarism quickly and easily with the Copyscape Plagiarism Checker . On the Copyscape website you only have to enter the website URL and the tool will analyze the content of the pages and then conduct a web search for similar or identical content. You will receive the result of the search in list form with the websites on which copies or partial copies were found. Copyscape is used by professional text agencies because it usually already finds repetitions of more than three words in foreign texts. Phrases and names are excluded.

Analyze the page with Copyscape

10.3 Siteliner – simple duplicate content analysis for your own website

Similar to Copyscape, you can use Siteliner to check your website for duplicate content. However, Siteliner only checks the content on your domain. With the tool you can test where certain content occurs more than once. The information, how high the percentage match of the content is, helps you to determine where the cause of the duplicate content lies.

Analyze page with Siteliner

11. Tools for content optimization

The following content tools can help you improve your content, find additional keywords, and check spelling.

11.1 WDF * IDF Analysis Tool

The free WDFIDF-TOOL compares the texts of different websites and carries out a competition comparison for you. The tool quickly determines the relevant terms of the first 15 pages in the Google ranking for a specific keyword. The tool gives you recommendations on how you can optimize the texts of your website in order to achieve a better ranking.

Analyze keywords with the WDF * IDF tool

11.2 Text analysis tool

Analyze the readability of your texts quickly and easily. You can do this with the free text analysis tool . The practical tool checks the so-called readability index (LESIX). A proven procedure is used for this purpose, which uses certain values ​​to determine the intelligibility of the text for readers. The sentence and word length as well as the number of syllables per word are taken into account. Filler words, passive sentences and modal verbs are also included in the evaluation. The evaluation of the analysis shows you at a glance whether your text is easy to read and understand, or should be optimized.

Parse text

11.3 – analyzes the content of your website

Content Look is a comprehensive and currently free tool for content analysis. With the tool you can analyze every single page of your project and find out where there is a need for optimization in terms of SEO, traffic or social media.

Analyze content with

11.4 Word League Text Analysis

The free text analysis tool from Wortliga also checks your texts and gives you suggestions for improvement in terms of readability, writing style and grammar.

Analyze text with word league

11.5 Grammarly corrects grammar

Anyone who publishes content is reluctant to stumble upon embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, Microsoft Word offers the possibility to check your own texts – grammatical errors in particular often go unnoticed. The reason is easy to find, the spell checker often has difficulty identifying errors in context. This is where Grammarly can help ; the content tool can be used free of charge and easily integrated into the browser as an extension. Grammarly is currently only available in English (American and British) – the add-on is a great help for anyone who regularly writes in English.

Analyze content with Grammarly

11.6 Format and correct English texts with Hemmingway

The Hemmingway Editor is just as helpful when creating texts : this free content editor is ultimately about improving your own writing style. Simply copy and paste the English text and the Hemingway app shows difficult-to-read sentences, superfluous adverbs and passive formulations. All recommendations are highlighted in color. As a further feature, text can also be formatted with just a few clicks. The simple application provides a toolbar that is somewhat similar to that of a word processor – but provides a few additional features.

Hemingway App: improve your English language style

12. Free content marketing tools

In content marketing, it is also important that the content is quickly understood by the user and is remembered. To put it simply: with a good visualization you stand out positively from the competition and can increase user engagement. It takes creativity, a good writing style and time to implement new ideas. The free content tools presented here can be helpful on various levels.

12.1 Create your own quiz – with Qzzr

BuzzFeed is the best example that a quiz can have a certain fan base. Depending on the industry and the content of the website, it can make sense to offer such a knowledge check tool. Alternatively, a rather fun question-and-answer game can be used for entertainment. Regardless of the reason for creating such a quiz, with the Qzzr tool it can be created on your own website in just a few steps. The first 14 days are free, if you liked Qzzr you can continue to use the tool after the test phase from $ 24.99 / month.

Test Qzzr

12.2 convey information via infographics

Information should be presented as clearly and clearly understandable as possible – which means that important numbers should never appear exclusively in a running text. Clear infographics are shared by users on social networks and convey the relevant information at a glance. With Infogram , a large number of templates can be used, which can be easily individualized using drag-and-drop. The creation is free of charge, but the image files can only be exported against payment.

Create an infographic with

12.3 Create presentations – with Haiku Deck

It doesn’t always have to be PowerPoint: the content marketing tool Haiku Deck is an excellent choice for presenting presentations on your own website . There is a large selection of visually appealing templates, and diagrams can also be incorporated. The finished presentation can either be exported as a PDF or PPT file or incorporated directly into the blog entry. A transfer to Slideshare is also possible.

Create a presentation with Haiku Deck

12.4 Let pictures speak – with Thing Link

The linking of images and multimedia content succeeds with ThingLink . It doesn’t matter whether case studies appear behind the images or a relevant video is played as soon as the user moves the mouse over an image – the possibilities are almost unlimited. With the content tool, apparently dry graphics can be upgraded with little effort. Original ideas for linking photos and audio content can also be implemented.


12.5 Creating keyword clouds with Tagxedo

The effect of displaying keywords in a word cloud is anything but new. This option is typically used to visually display the frequency of search words. Frequently entered words that appear more relevant are then displayed larger. The keyword cloud is still a useful tool for presenting abstract content visually – which can be easily used with the content marketing tool Tagxedo . The tool is only available on desktop computers or laptops.

Create a word cloud with Tagxedo

12.6 Create beautiful graphics with Canva

There are of course a number of different content tools that can be used to create graphics. The peculiarity of Canva is that the operation is possible particularly easily and without prior knowledge. Canva makes it easy to create infographics, collages, banners and posters, and to enhance presentations and résumés. The free version offers plenty of free templates and images.

Create designs with Canva

12.7 Free, Free Pictures – from

A typical problem when creating a blog is that adding photos to it is not always easy because the rights to it are missing. provides a variety of beautiful photos in different categories that are freely available. According to the company, there are currently more than 350,000 high-resolution photos available.

Free pictures at

12.8 Up to date with keywords – thanks to Google Trends

Admittedly, it is by no means an insider tip, but Google Trends is an important tool . The online application makes it possible to quickly find out which keywords are currently being entered by users in the search bar. Knowing about the needs of your own users is the basis for effective content marketing.

Go to Google Trends

13. SEO tools for social media and content seeding

Which of your posts get the most attention and where – on Facebook or on Twitter? Can you distribute your products and posts well or not via the various social media channels? If not why not? How many likes and re-tweets do you get? The more extensive your activities on social networks, the more important a precise analysis is. With the tools for social media analysis presented here, you will receive important information, identify trends and be able to react early in the event of problems. The free analysis and monitoring tools for social media help you to optimize your website for social networks.

13.1 Social Debug – Analyze Social Media META Data

With the help of social debug , you analyze the META data of your site with regard to possible optimization potential. This applies to the optimized representation in the SERPs of the search engines and the distribution in social networks. The tool currently supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as the snippets from Bing and Google. For each channel you will receive information about the determined data and optimization suggestions.

Analyze the page with social debug

13.2 Social Media Optimizer – Check Markup

The Social Media Optimizer is a helpful optimization tool for social media and is considered one of the best free SEO tools for this area. With the tool you can analyze the markup code for Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol, LinkedIn, Google+ Authorship and Twitter’s Summary Card Data. The analysis result shows you possible improvement potential and provides an overview of how your website will look when it is shared by users on the social media channels.

Check social media markup

13.3 Facebook Open Graph Debugger – the official Facebook tool

The Facebook Open Graph Debugger is the official debug tool from Facebook. You can use the tool to find out whether the Facebook crawler can read your page and the Open Graph meta-data stored on it without errors. You can also see how the link is displayed in the Facebook timeline when it is shared. If elements are missing or errors are found, you can correct them and then re-examine your page.

Use the Facebook tool now

Are Free SEO Tools Good Enough?

Various free SEO tools such as Google Analytics, the Google Search Console or the Bing Webmaster Tools offer a number of important functions and create meaningful reports that every webmaster, whether professional or layman, should use for search engine optimization. Other free tools such as Seobility also enable analyzes, which provide good reference points for websites with a smaller scope. With these tools you can identify the first problems and find out where there is a need for optimization. In the case of large web projects with a three-digit number of pages or websites that have existed for years and, for example, have an extensive link profile, free SEO tools can reach their limits.Only free SEO tools that we have tested are presented here. Do you know another SEO tool that we should definitely check? Write us a message and we’ll take a look at the tool!

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and shop via this link, we will receive a commission from the relevant provider. For you the price doesn’t change.


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