How much does SEO cost?

No one can deny that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective and profitable strategies, but how much does it cost to carry out an SEO campaign ?

In this content we are going to detail the cost of doing SEO, as well as the different ways that exist to achieve success in this type of campaign.

I did an online research visiting company and individual sites that offered SEO services in order to get the price, and the reality is that it was not easy to obtain that information, but after many sites, I can share very useful information.

In our case, in the section of the service as SEO Agency we mention that the range goes from 2,500 usd to 7,000 usd.

Let’s start with the summary definition, if you want to see more in depth you can read it here: What is SEO

What is SEO?

The acronym in English means Search Engine Optimization and consists of various actions that are carried out in order to position certain terms in the first places of the search results.

These actions are grouped into SEO OnPage, which are the activities that are carried out on the page, and SEO Offpage, which are those that are executed outside the site.

We will review the cost with the following ways

  • SEO with internal team
  • SEO with an external consultant
  • SEO with an agency
  • SEO internal team + agency

Without further ado, let’s get started …

SEO with internal team

This option will require, in addition to a minimum of people, the acquisition of subscriptions to tools that will make the work have a greater probability of success.

Let’s start with the minimal tools: maybe Screaming Frog, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush.

Both have a free version, although limited, so let’s put the basic paid version in both.

Screaming Frog: Free (With limitations)

Ubersuggest: $ 14 USD / month

SEMRush: $ 99 USD / month

As for the team, at least it will be necessary to have 4 people or do without any of them:

  • SEO Strategist: $ 2,000 USD / month
  • Content Writer: $ 1,200 USD / month
  • Web developer: $ 1,000 USD / month
  • Designer: $ 1,000 USD / month

Ranges are average for Latin America; The sites I checked are Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Taxes and other expenses that must be taken into account such as hiring, training and training are not considered.

So, we have an approximate range of between 3,500 and 6,000 a month, considering that you can hire 2 people and use free tools.

Advantages of doing SEO with an internal team

The main advantage is that the entire team will only attend the SEO campaigns, having the necessary time to make improvements and launch a greater number of campaigns.

The knowledge stays in the company and they can build processes based on the results and actions that have worked.

Disadvantages of doing SEO with an internal team

Perhaps the main disadvantage may be the learning curve of the people on the team that will be in charge of SEO campaigns, considering the staff turnover that may exist.

It is possible that, just being immersed in a project, they are limited in the scope that the campaigns they implement can have.

Many of the SEO tools are designed for agencies or large companies, since, for the most part, the plans start with 5 projects (1 project is equal to a website or company), which means that, when acquiring more tools, the value is not taken advantage of.

SEO with an external consultant

In this method of doing SEO, the above structure is used with the help of an external SEO consultant. There are two types of consultants.

SEO consultant that gives you access to reports from various payment tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Mangools, BuzzSumo, Clearscope, among others.

The ranges go from $ 1,000 usd to $ 3,000 usd and depends on the tools that you put at your disposal and the hours you require.

Note: It only gives you reports and shows data from the tools it uses; in no case does it give you access.

SEO consultant that only provides consulting and you must have the necessary tools to get the most out of it.

The ranges of this go from $ 500 usd to $ 1,500 usd and depends on the hours only.

To these ranges you must add the costs of the internal equipment.

Advantages of doing SEO with an SEO consultant

By having an SEO consultant, you can get a better perspective on the potential of the SEO campaign you design together.

The fact that it is external can allow a greater challenge for the internal team and, if you choose to work with a consultant who provides you with tools, it will increase the chances of success of your campaigns.

Disadvantages of doing SEO with an SEO consultant

SEO consultants charge by the hour, so it can be a problem for your team if there are too many doubts.

An SEO campaign has many areas that require expertise and tactics; therefore, an experienced consultant is required and this factor will increase the cost.

This option is similar to hiring a freelancer for both the consultant and for each element you require to assemble the team.

I do not consider it to be the best option, since, in any case, the project leader must have more experience, which is equivalent to a higher cost.

SEO with an agency

An SEO agency or digital marketing agency that offers the search engine optimization service has the equipment and most of the tools to increase the chances of success.

There are several agency structures, so in some cases they provide you with equipment to:

  • SEO Strategist
  • SEO writer
  • Link building strategist
  • Graphic designer
  • Web programmer
  • SEO analyst
  • Public relations

The tools that they have, for the most part, are paid and very complete, which allows to structure better SEO campaigns.

  • SEMrush $ 99 usd / month
  • Ahref: $ 99 usd / month
  • Moz Pro: $ 99 usd / month
  • Mangools suite: $ 49 usd / month
  • Clearscope: $ 350 usd / month
  • BuzzSumo: $ 99 usd / month
  • Majestic SEO Pro: 99 usd / month
  • Outreach tools: from $ 59 usd / month

SEO services offered by agencies vary: it can be for search term x positioning, link building, local SEO, technical SEO, international SEO, among others, either individually or in combination of services.

So prices range from $ 2,000 usd to $ 9,000 usd per month. This depends, to a great extent, on the objectives and the actions to be carried out.

Advantages of doing SEO with an agency

One of the main advantages is that you will have access to a professional team and sometimes, depending on the agency’s service, a multidisciplinary team.

In addition, being immersed in the SEO industry, they are updated more continuously and the fact that they work on multiple projects allows them to learn more about SEO tactics that work more in one way or another.

Another advantage is that the agency adds your website to the tools or uses them to obtain data for the strategy, so you will not have to pay for licenses that you do not use.

The agency team plans and executes SEO campaigns and sometimes you only authorize them or are informed of the activities that are going to be carried out and receive the reports.

Disadvantages of doing SEO with an agency

Some key actions will be done privately or with a lot of secrecy.

You have to follow the process they indicate to be successful, and for some companies, this can be a headache, as certain activities must be performed precisely even when you do not like it.

Agencies work with multiple projects and spend a certain amount of time on each one. It is not a team that works 100% for your brand, but if this were an option, the cost may be high.

SEO with internal team + agency

This model is not very popular, but I consider it the most profitable for a company. In reality, it depends, to a large extent, on the structure of the company and the equipment you have.

The objective of working together is to transfer the knowledge to the internal team while executing SEO campaigns; your team has a guide and works more effectively than doing it alone.

The fact that the SEO agency transfers the knowledge of certain activities that are not so detached from the context of your industry makes it possible that, at a certain moment, you do not require the agency for basic SEO services.

Perhaps you are working in a second stage with the agency with more advanced SEO strategies.

Some of the activities may be keyword research, content piece creation, link strategy email writing, and so on.

Advantages of doing SEO with an internal team + agency

The main advantage is that your team accelerates its learning curve and by acquiring it, you create processes to perform each action, making it easier for new members to engage.

You do not always depend on an SEO agency for basic issues or activities that, in a way, your internal team can better execute by learning more about the industry to which it belongs.

The success of SEO campaigns belongs to your team and the company; finally, the agency was only a guide and taught you the guidelines and best practices.

You can have a more advanced SEO service with the agency that allows you to accelerate your growth in a second stage.

Disadvantages of doing SEO with an internal team + agency

This model is not for everyone, since it is not only about checking what is right and what is not, the reality is that your team must work shoulder to shoulder, so this may be a disadvantage.

You must have a committed and disciplined team to execute all the activities that the agency indicates for the execution of the SEO campaign.

The price ranges vary but, if we consider the cost of the equipment and that of the agency for a while, the amount to be paid would go from $ 3,000 usd to $ 9,000 usd per month.

It may seem the highest rank, although in this option you get more value for the investment you make to the SEO agency, not to mention the processes that your team generates as digital assets for internal use.


All 4 options are good; It all depends on which one your company feels comfortable with. One way doesn’t have to be the one and only best for everyone, so explore the different options and find out which one might work best for you and which one you think would give you the most value.

At Media Source we believe that the best option is working with your internal team and transferring the knowledge to focus our team on helping you scale your SEO campaigns when necessary.

We know that it is not the ideal option for everyone and that is why I mention the alternatives that exist.

Now is your turn. Leave a comment and tell me in what format you would feel best as a digital marketing professional.

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