How to make a Social Media Dashboard in Data Studio

Can you imagine viewing all the information from your social networks in a single panel? Stop dreaming! Now it is possible thanks to the social media Dashboards.

Social networks are a non-negotiable resource to strengthen the growth of a business. Your target audience lives on social networks, connecting with their favorite brands and interacting with each other…. You have to be there.

Let’s put some facts about to the table! 59% of marketers actively use social media to support their business and lead generation goals . 

Social networks offer a large volume of data and information to make the best strategic decision. The question is what is the best option to handle all of this? A Social Media Dashboard.

What is a Social Media Dashboard?

A Social Media Dashboard is a social network management tool that, through a single interface, allows you to measure the performance of your social networks, by synchronizing the data from all your accounts in one place. 

How many times have you asked yourself: 

  • What kind of posts have my audience liked the most? 
  • Which ones get the most interactions and engagement ? 
  • How can I get more leads through social media? 

Fortunately, with a Social Media Dashboard, you can know the behavior of your audience or what your followers like the most with a simple click. 

Thanks to the development of the social media panel, a little glance at the screen will help you get a clear idea of ​​how your social media strategy is working.

What metrics to use in a Dashboard for social networks?

There are a wide variety of KPIs to measure the performance of our social networks, but there are a number of them that cannot be missing from your Social Media Dashboard:

  • Conversions : Conversions are the ultimate goal of any Marketing strategy. Calculating this metric will give us an insight into the web traffic and the conversions obtained.
  • Retweets / Favorites: Study and control the number of retweets of your publications, their progress and evolution.
  • Likes / Like : Variables that are difficult to ignore in the analysis of your followers’ engagement.
  • Number of visits and average : Control the number of visits your Facebook pages receive.
  • Subscribers: Have your YouTube subscribers increased? Analyze and compare your number of subscribers in relation to different date ranges.
  • Follow-up of hashtags : Especially for the social network Instagram, which is gaining great relevance in recent years.

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How to make a social media Dashboard in Data Studio?

We have already commented in a previous post about the great alternative that Data Studio is to make professional reports combining different data sources.

This tool is just as effective and recommended for generating your own social media Dashboard… and in a very simple way.

First of all, if you are not very familiar with Data Studio, it is important to note that it all starts with selecting the desired data connectors to obtain the information.

Data Studio offers up to 18 proprietary data connectors and allows you to add up to 143 different partner connectors to collect information and data, however many of them are not free.

To add a data connector:

  • Create button> Data Source .
  • Select the Data Connector

You can also select your connector, from Create> Report , where you can establish the connectors you want to develop your social media Dashboard.


The social network Facebook collects a large volume of data, so we must be careful when choosing the right connectors.

It is not convenient to saturate or show a huge amount of information, as we would not be efficient in terms of visualization and subsequent analysis.

To begin with, it would not be bad to include the following connectors :

  • Google Analytics connector.
  • Supermetrics Facebook Insight connector .

If you work with Facebook Ads you can include different connectors: Tapclicks Facebook Ads, Data Release …

What can you see and analyze?


A progressive monitoring of new users, those who are not, as well as, for example, the total number of likes or likes.


To control the success of your content you can include: total impressions, total clicks, percentage of shared content, etc …


Follower engagement and loyalty is crucial to greater success on Facebook.

You can see data related to: shared posts, comments, etc …

Web traffic

You will be able to know the number of sessions and the type of traffic you have on Facebook.


Like Facebook, Twitter can give us great information about the behavior of our users.

Recommended data sources to include in our Social Media Dashboard?

  • Google Analytics connector .
  • There are various connectors for Twitter: Twitter Analytics, Twitter Public Data, Twitter Analytics Connector …

It is important to try and see which of them gives us the information we need. The good thing about developing a Dashboard is that you can modify whatever you want at any time.


The LinkedIn professional network is essential for any company. Your information and data can give us a real picture of our professional contacts and the scope we have on them .

Connectors :

  • Google Analytics connector .
  • LinkedIn Company Pages  (Select the page and the options: Update details, Historical page statistics and Follower details)
  • LinkedIn Ads .

You will be able to visualize:


Follow-up and evolution of followers, as well as specific data such as job position, company or sector.


Control of publications and their success in followers or contacts.


Using the Impressions, clicks, shared content and comments metrics, you can get an idea of ​​the reach and effectiveness of your content on this social network.

Web traffic

You will be able to know the type of traffic that moves on LinkedIn.


One of the most powerful communication channels that exist, having visibility and recognition in this social network will mean a high potential percentage of success.

Connectors :

  • YouTube Analytics.
  • Google Analytics connector .

     Through these connectors you can display information on your panel about:AudienceThe number of subscribers is a great factor that adds relevance and value to a YouTube channel.Analyze the total number of subscribers and even know who has joined and who has left your channel. Essential!ContentsAnalyze metrics as interesting as views, watch time and average viewing percentageEngagementDetailed control over user interaction: I like it. I don’t like it, shared videos, etc …Web trafficTraffic that reaches your YouTube channel, sessions, etc …Sample Dashboard templates for Social NetworksData Studio allows you to create reports, these are called Dashboard Social Media, which you can configure with the data and graphics you want.Not sure where to start? Do you lack inspiration? Data Studio offers you templates that are a good starting point.We especially recommend the YouTube Channel Report template , which shows in a very graphical way everything that you can visualize to have a professional Social Media Dashboard.Create your own Social Media Dashboard and start improving the metrics of your social networks. You have doubts? Our expert team in web analytics and digital marketing will help you get the most out of your visualization and monitoring of your social media reports.


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