Most used social networks in the Hispanic world: tips to grow your presence and social reach

What are the most used social networks? Do not miss our report and discover what is the real presence of the networks in the Hispanic world.

The most used social networks are increasingly important in our lives. The phrase “we live in the digital age” has never been as true as it is in 2019.

We are 7.7 billion humans on the planet, and according to the annual report The Global State of Digital in 2019 created by SEOMASTER and We Are Social , 52% of the world’s population uses social networks. What does this mean? More than half the world is already connected to a social network such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, among others.

These numbers are enough to understand the importance of having a strong social media presence today, no matter how big or small your company is. But these digits are only the tip of the iceberg; To connect and interact with your audience – and convert them into potential customers – you have to immerse yourself in the statistics.

Next, we present a specific summary of this report with the most used social networks in Spanish-speaking countries and the most relevant extracts that can guide you when identifying opportunities to grow your brand.


  • Global report
  • Report in the Spanish-speaking world
  • 5 Tips to maximize your impact on the networks

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Report of the most used social networks globally

Although each person has an average of 8.9 profiles on different social networks,

Facebook is still the king of networks. This is what the top 10 of the most used social networks globally looks like:

  1.   Facebook: 2,271 million
  2.   YouTube: 1.9 billion
  3.   WhatsApp : 1,500 million
  4.   FB Messenger: 1.3 billion
  5.   WeChat: 1,083 million
  6.   Instagram: 1 billion
  7.   Twitter: 326 million
  8.   LinkedIn: 303 million
  9.   Skype: 300 million
  10.   Snapchat: 287 million
  11.   Pinterest: 250 million

Every year, companies allocate a greater amount to their advertising budgets within the most used social networks. The numbers that we present below on the potential advertising reach that these channels have (that is, the number of users they can reach with their ads) reveal the reason for this decision:

Advertising Audience:

  1.     Facebook : 82 million
  2.     Instagram : 22 million
  3.     Twitter : 7.22 million
  4.     Snapchat : 10.90 million
  5.     LinkedIn : 12.00 million

Other data that highlight the importance of the use of social networks in marketing strategies:

  •   In the top 20 of the most used pages globally, four social networks appeared on the list. Facebook and YouTube ranked second and third respectively, behind only Google. Twitter ranked 11th, while Instagram ranked 17th. Furthermore, the top searches on Google are terms related to social media: Facebook and YouTube are the most searched terms.
  •   42% of global users access social networks through mobile devices. The audience that uses the most social networks is in an age range of 18 to 34 years.
  •   According to the Global Web Index , the average time spent on social media is 2 hours 16 minutes.

Report of the most used social networks in Spanish-speaking countries

In Spanish-speaking countries, the story is a bit different. Content in Spanish occupies the fourth position of global content with 4.9%, so be aware of it, no, all content in Spanish that you upload to the internet has a great potential to be discovered.

Here is a breakdown of the Spanish-speaking countries with the most activity on social media.

Most used social networks in Mexico

Of the 131.5 million people who live in the country, 67% of the population are active users of social networks and 64% use them through mobile devices. These are the networks with the most active users:

  1.     YouTube : 95%
  2.     Facebook : 93%
  3.     WhatsApp : 87%
  4.     FB Messenger: 64%
  5.     Twitter : 57%

Advertising Audience:

  1.     Facebook : 86 million
  2.     Instagram : 22 million
  3.     Twitter : 7.22 million
  4.     Snapchat : 10.90 million
  5.     LinkedIn : 12 million

Most used social networks in Chile:

Of the 18.27 million people who live in the country, 77% of the population are active users of social networks and 71% use them through mobile devices. These are the networks with the most active users according to the Reuters Digital News Report :

  1. Facebook : 82%
  2. WhatsApp : 78%
  3. YouTube : 74%
  4. FB Messenger : 46%
  5. Instagram : 40%

Advertising Audience (according to The Global State of Digital in 2019 by SEOMASTER and We Are Social):

  1.     Facebook: 13 million
  2.     Instagram: 7.03 million
  3.     Twitter: 1.53 million
  4.     Snapchat: 1.10 million
  5.     LinkedIn: 4.80 million

Most used social networks in Colombia:

Of the 49.66 million people who live in the country, 68% of the population are active users of social networks and 62% use them through mobile devices. These are the networks with the most active users:

  1.     YouTube : 96%
  2.     Facebook : 93%
  3.     WhatsApp: 89%
  4.     FB Messenger : 73%
  5.     Instagram : 73%

Advertising Audience

  1.     Facebook: 32 million
  2.     Instagram: 12 million
  3.     Twitter: 2.41 million
  4.     Snapchat: 2.85 million
  5.     LinkedIn: 7.00 million

Most used social networks in Argentina:

Of the 44.90 million people who live in the country, 76% of the population are active users of social networks and 69% use them through mobile devices. These are the networks with the most active users:

  1.     YouTube: 93%
  2.     Facebook: 91%
  3.     Whatsapp: 91%
  4.     Instagram: 68%
  5.     FB Messenger: 68%

Advertising Audience:

  1.     Facebook: 32 million
  2.     Instagram: 16 million
  3.     Twitter: 4.20 million
  4.     Snapchat: 2.75 million
  5.     Linkedln: 6.80 million

Most used social networks in Spain:

Of the 46.42 million people who live in the country, 60% of the population are active users of social networks. 52% use them through mobile devices. These are the most active:

  1.     YouTube: 89%
  2.     WhatsApp: 87%
  3.     Facebook: 82%
  4.     Instagram: 54%
  5.     Twitter: 49%

Advertising Audience:

  1.     Facebook : 24 million
  2.     Instagram : 15 million
  3.     Twitter : 6.01 million
  4.     Snapcha t: 3.97 million
  5.     LinkedIn : 11.0 million

These numbers yield super interesting data: in Latin America, YouTube is the most active social network, beating even the giant Facebook. Discover how to boost your marketing efforts on the video platform with our guide to starting a YouTube channel.

Another fact that stands out is that the average time of use of social networks is longer in Latin American countries. We are large consumers of the content published on the most used social networks, which means that social networks are a great channel for any company:

Brazil: 3 hours, 34 minutes.

Colombia: 3 hours, 31 minutes.

Argentina: 3 hours, 18 minutes.

Mexico: 3 hours, 12 minutes.

Spain is below the global figure with 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Also, we discovered that Facebook is the social network with the greatest advertising potential. If you are not dedicating part of your advertising budget to this platform, it is time to consider it.

To consult the report of each country involved in this study .

Bonus:  Only 8 Steps separate you from success on social networks. Download our guide to create the best social strategy to grow your business.

How to use the most used social networks to your advantage?

Perfect! This information gives us a very rich context about what is currently happening in the digital universe and in the most used social networks. Now … what do we do with this information? So many numbers can be overwhelming, for this reason, we give you 5 tips to use this information in your business marketing strategy.

1. Maximize the potential of social media in other areas of your company    

Social networks became the preferred channel for companies to meet the main marketing objectives such as generating brand perception and managing reputation. An important change is currently taking place, as companies have realized the potential that social networks have in other areas. For example, in customer service, human resources and sales.

S ocial networks have become the first port of contact for customers with a brand and its products, which is why social selling has experienced a considerable increase in the last year. Social selling refers to the practice of using social media to connect with potential customers and drive sales. According to the B2B Social Selling Tools study, Q1 2018 conducted by the research firm Forrester to 18 companies specialized in B2B commerce, 60% of the companies surveyed plan to increase their investments in direct digital channels. In both B2C and B2B sales, social media helps establish an effective buying process that also helps build a relationship of trust between the business and the customers. Learn everything you need to know about social selling in our detailed guide on this practice.

Now, we can take this one step further and refine the purchase process with E-commerce and M-Commerce in the most used social networks such as Facebook Marketplace and direct purchases on Pinterest and Instagram. M-Commerce in particular (where users can make purchases from their mobile devices) is one of the favorite trends for 2019.

Instagram is the favorite place for users to discover products. To start selling your merchandise directly on the platform , you need to have a business profile and add your product catalog to Facebook with Shopify or BigCommerce. Once Instagram approves your request, a bag icon will appear on your products in the upper right corner. See how the Liverpool department store has implemented this tool to increase its sales:

2. Direct your attention to the ads on Facebook    

It’s no secret that ads can be annoying. However, according to an analysis by Euromonitor International (and published by Forbes ) Latin American digital consumers are more open to online advertising. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should bombard your customers with ads. Rather, it is an indicator of a receptive audience, which justifies your advertising efforts on networks.

The report concludes: “Three Latin American countries, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, were the least likely to view targeted ads as an invasion of privacy compared to the 20 countries surveyed as part of this global research.”

Although each company is a different case, Facebook is the platform that has the greatest advertising potential globally. This means that this platform is a key cog for most companies looking to maximize their advertising efforts. Through algorithms and tools such as the Facebook Pixel , this platform ensures that your ads reach the customers who are most likely to buy your products. Thanks to the Ads Manager that guides you step by step through this process, it is really very easy to start an advertising campaign. According to the specific advertising objectives of each company, you can assign a specific budget and a target audience.

For its Christmas social media campaign , Coca-Cola Mexico used Facebook video ads to adapt its existing TV commercials to mobile devices:(Source: Facebook Business Blog )

Thanks to the segmentation tools of Facebook Ads, the brand obtained 6.3X more in return on investment and 43% reach on the platform.

3. Invest in your video content    

The numbers in the report tell us that social media users are large consumers of video and do so primarily on YouTube and mobile devices. This information tells us that there is a great opportunity for video content. This content is multifaceted, since you can also use it on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram ( IGTV for long-length videos) and in your advertising campaigns.

Try using it in different formats such as live broadcasts or stories on Instagram and Facebook. The Chilean wine company Concha y Toro uses multiple video formats through its different social profiles

4. Messaging apps to generate authenticity and trust    

Although the number of users on social networks increased compared to last year, following the Cambridge Analytica scandals and the data breach by Facebook, the audience has lost confidence in social networks.

42% of global internet users think their information is being misused online. This distrust factor is even more present in Spanish-speaking countries. Spain registered 66%, Mexico 62%, while Colombia and Brazil 55%.

This has led users to seek more private spaces to interact on these platforms and content that is more meaningful, more personalized, and at the end of the day, more human. One solution to this problem is Facebook Groups and Twitter Chats. In these spaces, users can congregate to talk about a specific topic of interest. As a moderator, your job is to answer all users’ questions, encourage transparency, and let them communicate freely with each other. Airbnb uses Closed Groups on Facebook to foster a sense of community and exchange recommendations among its hosts who are enrolled in the service depending on the location:(Source: Facebook Airbnb )

In this quest to find more direct and private interactions, users are also turning to messaging apps. According to a survey of 6,000 people around the world , nine out of 10 consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. Use this to your advantage and encourage more personal interactions with your audience through apps like FB Messenger. Let your users know that they can contact you through this medium. Also, take advantage of current technologies within these tools such as bots, and design predetermined answers for the most frequently asked questions. Of course, keep in mind that people do not want to talk to a robot and there should always be a team member behind each interaction.(Source: The Global State of Digital in 2019 )

Regarding messaging apps, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world and in Latin America. Have you ever considered using this app in your marketing strategy? Check out our WhatsApp guide for companies and find out if this tool suits your business profile.

5. Adapt your content for mobile devices    

It is a fact: the vast majority of active users on social networks globally and in Spanish-speaking countries access their profiles and navigate the platforms through their mobile devices. When you go to create your content, be it images, videos or ads, think about making them more smartphone-friendly and thus provide a better experience for your customers. These are two tips that you can start applying today:

Videos and vertical images on Facebook and Instagram

In a survey conducted by Facebook, 79% of video consumers agreed that the vertical format is more attractive and said they would choose the vertical format in most cases. The reason? When users move on the platform, audiovisual content in vertical format occupies most of the screen, thus causing a greater impact.

In addition to Instagram Stories, the vertical video and ad format in the feed are now available on Instagram . You can upload them with an aspect ratio of up to 4: 5 and they will appear in the news section. GoPro is one of the brands that takes advantage of this audiovisual effect:(Source: Facebook GoPro )

Instant articles and experiences on Facebook

Through this feature launched in 2016 exclusively for mobile devices, users with Company Pages can directly upload the content of articles from their website to Facebook, where they load 10 times faster. Users never leave Facebook and enjoy content directly on the platform. These items have great potential for greater reach and more shares, as SEOMASTER discovered in an experiment it conducted when the feature was first released.

The instant experiences also operate in full screen, but are activated when someone interacts with your ad on a mobile device.

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