Organic SEO and Content Marketing

Organic SEO: What is it?The term organic SEO is redundant because the Search Engine Optimization refers to the adjustments you make to your website to appear at the top of Google without paying for advertising ( PPC ).

However, in this guide we will use the term to identify those content production efforts that you can make to have more visibility in the search engine.

SEO and content marketing should be the two most important tactics in your organic positioning strategy.

With this text you will learn how to successfully execute each of them in order to conquer the first page of Google .

After reading this guide, you will master the methodology we use in SEO MASTER to rank first with very competitive terms within an already difficult industry: digital marketing.

Table of contents

  • 1 How is Organic SEO done?
  • 2 What is content marketing for SEO?
  • 3 What is the relationship between SEO and digital marketing?
  • 4 SEO content plan
  • 5 SEO marketing plan: How to do it?
  • 6 What results can you expect from Organic SEO?
  • 7 Organic positioning: Examples and case study
  • 8 When Should You Consider Updating Your SEO Plan?
  • 9 How to write articles that reach the first page of Google?

How is Organic SEO done?

To do Organic SEO you must write educational blogs aimed at your prospects and clients.

If you want to achieve a natural first level positioning, you will have to become an authorized voice within your industry.

How to do it?

With a good content marketing strategy .

What is content marketing for SEO?

Content marketing for SEO consists of producing the best informative texts in your industry with the intention of appearing first on Google every time a user or potential client wants to:

a) Solve a problem.

b) Answer a question.

What will these problems and questions be about?

Well, everything that has to do with your products, your services, your company and the market in which you operate.

Gone are the times when you could ‘trick’ the seeker into putting you first.

Today the great dominators of the markets, the number one of the different industries, are those who, precisely, best answer the questions and solve the problems of their potential clients .

To do this, you will have to find out with a study of keywords and with an analysis of the competition  what those questions and problems are , and then dedicate yourself to writing articles that contain the best answers on the market.

Note : Chances are, you already know what those common questions and recurring problems are, since you’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of customers and prospects.

Thanks to the texts and videos you produce, you will no longer have to repeat the same thing over and over again: the content will work for you .

The great thing about all this is that if you are a small company , if you are just starting out, you can compete against the Goliaths of the market .

What is the relationship between SEO and digital marketing?

It is a mistake to see SEO as an industry full of hackers and code.

Although there are certain technical aspects that you must take care of so that your website is easily read by Google spiders and by your potential clients, the essence of organic positioning has a first and last name: content marketing .

There is no good SEO if it is not accompanied by a text production strategy (like this one you are reading).

And when we talk about content marketing  we must deny another misconception:

A good content strategy is not based on creating useless articles loaded with words or phrases with which you want to position yourself on the web.

That is called keyword stuffing and, regardless of being penalized by Google, it is not going to get you anywhere.

We are rapidly moving towards a marketing where things well done, designed for users, will end up winning no matter what.

If you dedicate yourself to being an expert in your field and translating that knowledge into content, you will dominate Google and you will be the main reference within your market.

The best organic positioning strategy was  described by Marcus Sheridan in his book They Ask, You Answer (# 1 marketing book of 2017, according to Mashable ) and consists of the following: 

Organic positioning strategy

a) Grab a pencil and paper.

b) Write down each of the questions that your prospects and clients have asked you since you have been working in your current business.

c) Dedicate yourself to answering these questions as simply and clearly as possible (you can do it yourself, have the support of your team or hire an agency ).

d) Turn those answers into SEO articles and upload them to your website’s blog.

It is VERY important that you are not afraid to talk about the 5 high points that every consumer wants to know:

1.- Prices and costs. 

2.- Main problems of your products or services.

3.- Comparison between your offer and that of your competition.

4.- Reviews and evaluations of your products and services.

5.- Articles like: “The best shoes to play basketball ” (change the words that are in bold according to the theme of your business).

It is proven by various studies that when making a purchase decision, these are the 5 topics that people look for, regardless of the industry.

There is a paradox: prospective buyers are obsessed with these questions, while businesses do their best not to discuss these issues .

This happens because salespeople forget what they want to know when they are consumers. 

When you are a buyer you want to find answers , while when you are a seller you are afraid to talk about certain topics or answer certain questions.

What we just described in this part of the article constitutes one of the most important sections of your content plan .

SEO content plan

A content plan  is a roadmap with which you aspire to reach the first page of Google .

It’s a must because, as Allan Dib says in The 1-Page Marketing Plan , companies that stand out for the way they promote their products and services don’t do random marketing acts. That is, they do not throw it to hit, nor do they play with luck.

Companies that stand out when it comes to promoting what they sell do so because they have a structure and planning behind them.

This content plan is precisely that: a strategy based on knowledge , preparation and analysis .

Each step you take should bring you a little closer to your goal.

In addition, you need a graphic coherence, a style manual, a brand voice and other topics related to branding .

Remember: a strong, consolidated and recognizable brand is what will allow you to beat the competition and charge more for your services.

In short, content marketing is not about creating content for the sake of doing it.

Content marketing is about attacking the high points of your business through written and audiovisual pieces in order to position yourself as the most trusted voice in your industry.

SEO marketing plan: How to do it? 

The most complete content plan on the Internet, of which we have seen so far, is the one that Neil Patel explains in his guide The Advance Guide to Content Marketing .

At Pencil we follow in his footsteps and adapt him taking into account the advice and methodology of the great Marcus Sheridan , plus some other additional element.

In order for you to create your own content plan, we leave you here below the model that we have been using. You will only have to fill in the blanks according to the characteristics of your business:

SEO action plan (steps)

1.- Define the central message  of your business

a) What is the main message you want to communicate? (The essence that should permeate all your items)

b) Who is it for? (Your target or target audience)

c) What is your mission as a company?

d) What topics and subtopics will you talk and write about?

At Pencil, our core message is: ” Don’t spend on advertising, invest in content ” and it is aimed at managers, business owners or decision makers of large companies.

Our mission is to put companies on the first page of Google and we write about SEO, content marketing and branding.

2.- Establish the objectives of the company

a) How many visits to your website do you want to get? How many new clients? How many subscribers?

b) How long do you want to get it?

c) What are your current numbers?

3.- Design a marketing strategy

a) What is your differentiating element?

b) How are you going to communicate?

c) What will your personality be?

d) How deeply will you approach the information?

e) In what way will you make a unique approach to the topic?

4.- Make an analysis of your competition

a) What is your core message ?

b) What channels do they use?

c) How often do they publish?

d) What topics do they cover?

e) What is your tone / voice?

f) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

g) What are your typical call-to-action (calls to action)?

5.- Produce ideas

One of the keys to being a great content marketer is the discipline of storing the ideas that come to mind during the day. Use the cell phone’s notepad for that and then pass what is written down to the content plan template .

6.- Create an editorial calendar

You must organize your publications according to the following items:

-Day of publication.


-Type of content (blog, video, podcast).

-Main idea.


-Highlighted image that will accompany the article.

-Objective of the content piece.

-Statistics: visits, comments, recommendations and sales achieved

7.- Respond to the 5 main topics ( They Ask, You Answer )

a) Prices and costs.

b) Main problems of your products or services.

c) Comparison between your offer and that of your competition.

d) Reviews and evaluations of your products and services.

e) Articles like: “The best shoes to play basketball 

What results can you expect from Organic SEO?

In our article on the return on investment of an SEO campaign we wrote the following:

Marcus Sheridan, in his book They Ask You Answer, explains how he got a $ 3 million ROI from an article (content marketing) and Google (SEO).

If you want to know how he did it, you can read the introduction to that article.

Organic positioning: Examples and case study

At SEO MASTER we started a content campaign on January 18, 2019.

Since then we have published around 30 articles.

In December 2018 these were our MONTHLY numbers on Google:

-400 impressions (number of times we were seen on the Google results page).

-20 clicks (number of times they entered our website from Google).

For February 2021 these are our MONTHLY numbers on Google:

-446,000 impressions (number of times they see us on the Google results page).

-6,610 clicks (number of times they enter our website from Google).

In addition to that, we have obtained qualified prospects who came to the SEO MASTER website from Canada, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Italy, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, among other countries.

While we are having lunch, sleeping, working on other projects or enjoying with our family, the articles are working for us.


Getting clients and answering all the questions to hundreds of prospects.

That’s the power of SEO when coupled with content marketing .   

Currently, our campaign allows us to deliver 400,000+ brochures each month to people interested in SEO.

And we currently receive +6,000 visits to our virtual store (the website) every 28 days.

When should you consider updating your SEO plan?

If you want to stay at the forefront of your industry, you should refresh your content once a year. 


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