SEO company: What does it do, benefits and how to choose the best one for your website?

The choice of the SEO and web positioning company for your web project is one of the most important decisions that your business will make in terms of its commercial and marketing strategy, which is why knowing how to choose it very well is so crucial. , we explain all the details and advice on how to accept the election.

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Optimization for web positioning in Internet search engines such as Google, known as SEO, has become one of the most demanded services on the Internet , as it is key to achieving the objectives of any online business.

Every time from the SEO company, as we are at seomaster, we talk about web positioning services and how the company’s website will rise to the top positions, obtaining more visits on the Internet and greater possibilities of winning potential clients , customers get excited.

And yes, of course, the services of any SEO and web positioning company are used for exactly that, but there is not all their usefulness. Over time we have realized that being in the first positions, when someone does a search about our services or products, not only gives us greater relevance against the competition , but also ensures that we are the main source of information on the market. potential customer about that service or product.

Although on the Internet, and in business in general, referrals and word of mouth are a great tool for our message to spread, when we talk about organic results, the best thing is that we are what we tell our story and benefits of our services and products.

Table of contents 

  • 1 Why hire an SEO company? Key to your branding!
    • 1.1 Web pages about your services and products
    • 1.2 Negative web pages about your company
  • 2 What does an SEO company do? The reputation of SEO
  • 3 Benefits of having an SEO company thinking about your brand
    • 3.1 You are the one who manages your brand information on the Internet
    • 3.2 You get more visits and potential clients
    • 3.3 With the SEO company you will improve the experience of your website
    • 3.4 The SEO company gives relevance and protection to your brand
  • 4 How to choose the SEO company? Decide your strategy before!
    • 4.1 Know your audience and your competition
    • 4.2 How can I know what my competition is doing?
    • 4.3 How do I know what my target wants?
    • 4.4 Technical considerations of SEO
    • 4.5 How will your web page look?
    • 4.6 Now yes, develop your website together with the SEO company

Why hire an SEO company? Key to your branding!

Yes, you have a web page, but if it is not optimized and does not appear in the first results when someone searches for your services or products, then, if it is not you, what web page does the user find when they search?

As in life, you have two options:

Web pages about your services and products

On the Internet, information about your brand, your products and services can be found on different web pages. For example, it may be reported in professional directories or commented on a blog.

In most cases, the information about your brand, products and services, provided by third parties, will be adjusted to the message you want to convey. But, in that case no, we can say that all is lost if we do not take action on the matter.

Now, stop and think about that: Why do SEO ? What if it was your website that appeared first? Not only would you be giving the message yourself, and therefore you would be sure that it is totally faithful to your business and its interests, but you would also be gaining the traffic and potential customers that organic searches generate; that is to say, advantages of SEO and web positioning in its most natural state.

In short, if you do not have the services of an SEO company, your potential clients may obtain good information about your brand and what you offer, on other web pages, but you will lose the opportunity to control the message and you would be losing traffic.

Negative web pages about your business

Undoubtedly, this is the worst case, because not only do you lose control of what is said about your services and products, and the derived web traffic, but users are creating a bad image of your brand and what you offer .

Moreover, many web pages that if you have the services of an SEO company, could be giving an unwanted image about your company, products or services, associating you with values ​​that do not represent your company, or simply confusing the message you want to send. . I am talking about web pages of:

  • Your direct competition: companies that offer exactly the same as your company.
  • Your indirect competition: companies that offer alternative products or services to yours.
  • Opinion pages of your commercial sector where they analyze and make a criticism about what we offer.
  • Comparators of our products and services against those of the competition.
  • Directories of companies where all the companies in the sector appear equally.
  • Advertising of your competition, both on Google and in other digital media.

Believe me, if the first result in Google is that of your competition, or offering negative information about your company, it will confuse your potential client to the point that, although they were initially looking for your company, they end up evaluating your competition positively. All this because you have not made the effort to appear first to defend and protect your brand!

But this damage to your company can also be done unconsciously, for example, wrongly indicating your phone number or address, forgetting information about your company and what you sell.

You can already imagine how important it is for all the information about your company, products and services to be offered by you first-hand, through your website. And to achieve this, you need the professional support of an SEO company to help you start planning how to make your website appear in the first positions when the user searches for what you offer.

What does an SEO company do? The reputation of SEO

Now I want to talk to you about the reputation of SEO, because there is no doubt that many see it with bad eyes. The reason? Many have used SEO as they wanted, and applying dishonest practices , known as Black Hat SEO , and that has caused many to associate SEO as something obscure.

Viewed this way, it can seem like SEO is against branding and differentiation.

But think about it this way, an SEO and web positioning company, applying SEO techniques in an honest and “legal” way, known as White Hat SEO , can combine the brand with the key searches and make your potential clients find you every time they search for your products and services.

Obviously, you have no way of telling Google which is the official page of the brand, rather you must optimize and make yourself more relevant than the rest of the possible options. The secret is, without a doubt, in knowing how to combine the generic with the brand, that is, you must be able to tell Google: 

The techniques and tools used to improve the positioning of your website will determine the success of our strategy. That is why the selection of the SEO company must be very well thought out.

Obviously, that your web page has a good SEO optimization , with a correct data marking, loading speed, and, in general, offering a good customer experience, it will help you a lot in web positioning in Internet search engines such as Google.

And, as I have told you before, do not use techniques penalized by Google, known as Black Hat SEO because, if Google penalizes you, you would lose all the work done, in addition to giving a bad image. Your users do not find out about the techniques you use to be in the results but, if you disappear one good day, it does not speak very well of your actions.

Benefits of having an SEO company thinking about your brand

From everything that I have explained to you previously, I would like to highlight the benefits of having the support of an SEO company and the positioning of your website, thought about protecting your brand .

Remember, optimizing the SEO of a web page should not be seen as an action that seeks to manipulate the results of web search engines like Google in a bad way, but rather a tool for the search engine to identify you and show the correct information in front of to the users, your potential clients.

It is you who manages your brand information on the Internet

Without a doubt, this is the best benefit of all. That the SEO company is able to optimize your website properly gives you the power to be the spokesperson for your services or product , thereby avoiding confusion.

I talk about information as basic as what you sell, to more complex things such as points of sale, hours of operation or any information that needs to be updated at the moment. Remember, in general, the user will take the information from the first result as true, and it is usually the one that stands out in Google and other search engines.

You get more visits and potential clients

When the SEO company achieves that your website appears in the first places, if not the first, every user who searches for your services or product, or related terms, will find your website and you will win many visits.

Yes, it is true that some affiliates or directory-type pages can show a link to your website, but that would take much more time for the user and could detract from the experience.

Your website must be the first reference of your brand . Leave the information on a third-party page to capture traffic from other web pages.

With the SEO company you will improve the experience of your website

If you are the main source of information about your brand, you also have the power to update the news whenever something new emerges.

I give you an example, you may have decided to create a mobile application so that your customers can buy much more comfortably, you can share that information on your website and get those users to download your application.

Imagine if you launched your mobile application and your website was not well positioned, most likely nobody would know that it exists.

The SEO company gives relevance and protection to your brand

The services of an SEO and web positioning company attracts our attention because it makes us gain relevance. Many clients dream of that first place in Google, because we know that it puts us on the radar of our potential clients.

Even more attractive is knowing that we are not only on the radar with generic terms, but that we can protect what is said and how it is said , if we make efforts to position our website according to terms related to our brand.

There is no doubt that, while search engines need clear information about web pages, we must make the effort, through an SEO company, so that our official pages are positioned over others that, perhaps with better resources or more effective techniques.

This way of seeing optimization is not valid only for those who have a recognized brand, but for those who want to position a brand and gain visibility and reputation.

Positioning, due to the fact of being in the first position, does not make sense if we do not offer a proposal that satisfies the needs of our potential clients and that makes a difference with the rest of the offers in the market. Do SEO, but learn to take it hand in hand with your brand.

How to choose the SEO company? Decide your strategy before!

Creating a web page requires prior analysis and planning in the strategy to follow in many aspects and, especially, in SEO optimization for its positioning in web search engines such as Google.

Are you planning to set up a website to promote your business? Do you know what to keep in mind? Many Internet entrepreneurs, without the advice of an SEO and web positioning company, tend to jump into the sea without knowing how to swim and that is when almost all drown.

Setting up a web page requires planning, especially regarding SEO and web positioning. Only in this way, ensuring that your website will be visited, will you achieve the objectives set on your website.

Currently, we must not only take into account what we want our website to be, but what is already on the Internet and what is successful; your goal is to offer a better experience so that the audience response is better.

Know your audience and your competition

Have you ever asked yourself “ What is my competition doing on the Internet? “. Probably not, because you focus on what you are going to do, but there is an undeniable truth: they, with what they do, are in the best positions of the search results and that only means that they are doing it well.

You cannot compete on the Internet without knowing who you are doing it against: you need a prior SEO analysis.

Personally, I think the strategy of going through analyzing what they are doing and improving from there. It is key and the SEO and web positioning company will make that task much easier for you through an SEO audit .

How can I know what my competition is doing?

The SEO company manages several services, analyzing competitor’s web pages, where very valuable information is displayed, for example Ahrefs .

The linking profile, to name an analysis criterion, is often an important piece of information to decipher what it is that makes the competition successful. A link profile is nothing more than knowing who links them, what links, and from where they link. Are they other pages in the same niche? Smaller blogs? Are there links from high authority domains? Do they link to the Blog or directly to the main pages?

All those questions and their answers, which the SEO and web positioning company will offer you, help you to better know what you are facing.

Why does this influence the creation of a web page? Simple, the analysis of links that the SEO company will do will give you clues of what they are doing well . Then you can relate that to the structure and design of the web page; so you can make decisions for yours.

For example, it occurs to me that a web page can be very successful because it offers good content on the Blog and that is what makes it earn so many links, so your mission is to make an even better Blog.

The analysis of the competition, which the SEO company will do, not only talks about the links, but even the value proposition . Although you have your own idea, it never hurts to contrast it with that of your competition. Is your offer really different? If not, how can I improve what I am going to offer?

At the level of web positioning by keywords, you can also know the terms for which they are positioning so that you enter the competition. Note that without this analysis of the SEO company, you are going to prolong the trial and error time, which means a greater investment; if there is already competitor data, then use it .

How do I know what my target wants ?

That your competition is doing it well does not mean that it is everything that the target or the client wants, in fact, you should hope that this is not the case, otherwise your value proposition is unnecessary.

Thanks to the analysis of the SEO company, knowing the client and knowing what they need, will help you determine what is missing from your competition’s proposal to include it in that of your website.

The goal of any new business is to attract the attention of the niche , that is, ” Hey, here I am, get to know me, because I can satisfy your need to a greater degree .

We could say that what is best positioned in search engines is what the audience likes the most , but I would not completely trust this statement. Many times, Google’s rankings respond more to successful strategy implementation than to the overall quality of the content.

The search engine is a machine, and it only responds to the interaction data of its users. If a page, with average content, has great advertising and that makes it gain traffic, it is more likely to rank better than another with very good content that does not have any type of promotion.

At the level of competition and audience, everything is covered, now let’s see more technical aspects

SEO technical considerations

Although, all the previous analysis that the SEO and web positioning company can do, will help you to guide the content, it is also true that you must satisfy with some SEO technical parameters that guarantee that the engine takes you into account. Let’s go to see some.

Use of protocol

There is currently a debate regarding the change towards the secure protocol for web pages and its relation to SEO . It has been said that it improves indexing , but beyond that we must consider it from the user experience .

Undoubtedly, that your page is shown under the HTTPS protocol, gives a feeling of security to the users of your web page, so it never hurts to install security certificates. If it is an e-commerce type page, it is even mandatory that it have the secure protocol.

Web page speed

Many of us spend days trying to optimize the loading speed on our web pages and that is because we had not considered it or made the right decision before creating the web . You, who are just starting out, should study the options so that your web page loads very quickly, as it is a criterion that is very taken into account for web positioning in Internet search engines, since it is associated with a better web user experience .

If it is your own development, you should study the technologies that will be used, respecting the good practices suggested by search engines. This is where the advice of a SEO and web positioning company is essential.

If you think about the loading speed from the beginning, you can get a better optimized page that requires less maintenance in the future.

Web address (URL) of the web page

Regardless of the type of protocol you use, there are two versions of URLs for your web page: with and without WWW. As such, the user experience is not affected, although it is true that you should choose the one that is most comfortable for them, as that avoids redirects.

Generally, if the URL of your page is without WWW and the user insists on writing it with WWW, you will always be redirecting, which can slow down its load.

When it comes to developing own systems, it is necessary to remind the team that the path to the different pages must be unique, otherwise there are problems of duplication of content and thin content .

It is also true that most servers allow you to indicate the canonical URL from the DNS administration panel, so there should be no problems in that regard. The only thing that DNS does not contemplate is the type of protocol, so you will have to redirect the queries according to the protocol you use (HTTP or HTTPS).

If you use cPanel or some other with Apache you will be able to redirect to the canonical URL of your choice from the .htaccess file .

But, as you can see, they are somewhat complex technical issues for you, but tremendously easy for an SEO and web positioning company.

Languages ​​and locations

In the event that you want to set up a web page with language options, you must have special considerations.

For example, you will have to optimize differently depending on the keywords you have planned. You will also need to add hreflang tags depending on the language of the version and deal with the instructions to avoid duplicate content .

In general, different subdomains are used for each language, although you must consider the costs of that investment, as it is equivalent to having several web pages.

Another option is to have the entire web page in the same domain (multi-language sites) and create subfolders depending on the language, which gives you the ease of having everything integrated into the same management system; maintenance is much lower than having multiple subdomains.

The decision depends on the suggestions of the SEO and web positioning company you choose, as well as the type of experience you want to offer and the price of web maintenance that you have available. With management systems such as WordPress, the method of the web page in several languages ​​(with subfolders) is usually used.

Ease of administration

Even with a very well optimized page from the start, changes need to be made over time . Many of these changes must comply with the premises of optimization, and that is when ease of administration comes into play.

A development that makes the generation of friendly URLs complex or that makes it difficult to insert code or its modification, can complicate the administration of the web page and its optimization in SEO. It will depend on the type of web page you have, in general, it tends to use content managers such as WordPress, an example is us as a WordPress web design company , since the SEO positioning of WordPress is much easier .

How is your website going to look like?

The design is the first thing that who enters your web page sees, but it is the last thing that is planned, as it is the compendium of all the analysis that we have previously done together with the SEO and web positioning company.

If you know your user well, then you can determine what they like the most regarding the content and design of the future website; that helps you give more specific directions to web designers ; that’s just to name one aspect of the analysis, now let’s see more.

Architecture and internal linking

The web design must support your value proposition , therefore you must manage to bring your user to the point you want; This is achieved with a good structure of the website.

Again, this derives from the knowledge of the preferences of your niche, which you will be able to know with the analysis done by the SEO company. Generally, a very clean structure is preferred , without many levels of depth and that has a logical sense of navigation.

For example, if a user enters the home page of your website, you probably want them to go to the products section; you need to plan the content and the linking for it to do so.

Responsive website design

Just as the general structure is planned, you must consider the design of the responsive web page for the correct visualization of the page on mobile devices. In fact, I would say that the trend is to design with mobile in mind rather than the desktop version.

Some premises of mobile design are:

  1. That the menu items are the correct size.
  2. That the font encourages easy reading.
  3. That the images have a suitable size.
  4. That the content adapts to the width of the screen.

Web design with content in mind

You should always ensure that the content is attractive according to the tastes and preferences of your target, according to the indications of the SEO and web positioning agency .

For example, for some niches, highly visual content is much more valuable, while for others, written information is the best performer.

Depending on the type of content that you are going to present on your website, you should design the layout on the page so that it is totally attractive. Needless to say, a web page for highly visual content, such as videos, is not designed in the same way as a web page for written content.

Today’s web pages are generally a combination of various content formats. The aim is to offer a unique experience in a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate web page .

Use of technology and ease of inspection by the search engine

This is a topic that is related to the good practices of web design. Currently we are looking to create web pages that are easily inspected by robots , as that allows them to be able to index and position web content more easily and the SEO and web positioning company will give you clear indications for this.

In general, in own developments, such practices can be encouraged, although with pre-established systems such as WordPress, there are also designs that satisfy good practices.

Let’s position your website at the top of Google!

No cheat or cardboard; We develop realistic and effective web positioning campaigns (SEO) in Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to your company and with objectives that give real results.

Now yes, develop your website together with the SEO company

Only after you have analyzed and decided on all these details together with the SEO and web positioning company, you can begin the process of designing and creating a website .

Working hand in hand with the SEO and web positioning company will not only make the website more successful, but you will invest much less time and money for its development.

Remember, the clearer the instructions to the web design and development company , the faster the web page will be ready. Otherwise, it may take a lifetime, and even then, you will not achieve the expected objectives, because you did not plan your page from the point of view of the end user and the competition


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