The best SEO agencies in Venezuela 2021

According to the methodology that we have already established in SEO MASTER , the best SEO agencies in Venezuela (in no particular order) are:

  • Social Web SEO
  • EM Solutions
  • Avendaño Design
  • Servisoftcorp

At least 10 years ago the advertising industry was transformed in Venezuela . The advent of digital marketing created such a deep rift that traditional agencies shifted to digital business or 360 ° advertising.

Strategically speaking, according to Juan Quilci (President and Partner of Concept McCann in Venezuela ), the communication paradigms changed for brands and agencies: they began to talk, more than before, about creating value and the role that each brand has in the life of people.

Part of this momentum was what allowed, despite the economic downturn, many agencies specializing in search engine positioning, digital marketing and inbound marketing to be created.

In the particular case of SEO agencies in Venezuela, they arrived at the right time to leave behind a common place: the website as a business card. 

You can keep a business card in your pocket, maybe in your purse, but you never go back to it. To a site built to generate value and occupy the first results in Google, you return for interest, trust and attraction .

A website does not present. A website exposes and communicates.

In this article we reiterate the purpose that led us to build the ranking of the best SEO agencies in Latin America : to accompany you to compare what are the options in the Venezuelan market that take this SEO philosophy seriously and take it to an unimaginable level.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Table of contents

  • 1 How to know which is the best SEO agency in Venezuela to position your website?
  • 2 Social Web SEO
  • 3 Avendaño Design
  • 4 EM Solutions
  • 5 Servisoftcorp
  • 6 Conclusions

How to know which is the best SEO agency in Venezuela to position your website?

We have already seen in another article how web positioning impacts your business:

  • You get more leads
  • You become a leader in your industry
  • You close more sales

Choosing the best SEO agency for your business will depend on what you expect from it. When it comes to the Venezuelan market, these could be the most important questions you could ask yourself before evaluating them:

  • Do you have a defined budget? We will always be visionaries with our brands. But SEO is also a business, so budget should be your starting point. Here we give you lights on how much the positioning service could cost in Google.
  • What type of agency is best suited to your business? SEO agencies are as varied as the infinite possible business models: face-to-face, online, 50% freelance, 100% freelance, transnational, national and many more. Evaluate how you like to meet, what kind of relationship you want to create, what kind of attention you want to receive and what is the availability that will satisfy your demand.
  • What is the OBJETIVE? It is not just about hiring a supplier, but about creating a team that joins forces for a common goal. Certainly the first objective is clear: generate sales. But what if you also need to position a brand, convert people for a newsletter or promote an event? Along with the commercial objective must always be the brand objective. Otherwise, we would not do inbound marketing .

With these questions answered, we can begin to evaluate which is the search engine positioning agency you need to make your website the gem of your brand.

Here we leave you the best SEO agencies in Venezuela that we have evaluated:

Social Web SEO

Home – Social Web SEO

Its portfolio of services offers:

  • Social media
  • Community Manager
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • Social Web SEO Blog


They do not have anywhere on their website customer reviews or, at least, the names of the companies they have worked for.

SEO efforts

Moz indicates that the domain authority they have is 6 and the page authority is 19.

According to Ubersuggest, their domain authority is 6 and they have 445 backlinks, of which 180 are no follow.

Although they are a very new company, their efforts are appreciated as they appear on the first page of Google for the search for ‘SEO agencies in Venezuela’.

Time on the market

This is an undertaking by a married couple that has been on the market for barely three years.


On their costs page they offer the prices and payment plans for each of their services. Each payment plan is very well specified.

Quality of service

They have a blog that has very up-to-date information, in their titles you can see that they are up to date with trends. 

The design of your website makes all the pages, with the exception of the blog, are only one but generating different links. That is, if you scroll on its Home page , you will also go through all the other pages. This can be good for you to see all the information in one go, but it does not generate such a pleasant user experience because there is so much information.

Site url
SEO effortsMOZ: PA 19 | DA 6

Ubersuggest: DA 6 | 445 backlinks (180 no follow)
Years of experience3
CostsSocial Media Manager $ 100
Web Design $ 200
SEO On Page $ 300
SEO Linkbuilding $ 500
Quality of the informationThey have an updated blog with the latest trends
Own tools
Reviews of your services

Avendaño Design

Home – Avendaño Design

Based in Venezuela, Costa Rica and the USA, its services are:

  • Web design.
  • SEO.
  • Graphic design.
  • Digital marketing.


Avendaño Design initially boasts the SEO service that they performed at Hotel La Mariposa . Other clients are:  Sundes Luxury Stays , Wedding Planner In Manuel Antonio , Nogarq , Grupo Leiros and Farmatodo .

SEO efforts

With the search ‘SEO agencies Venezuela’, Avendaño Design appears in seventh place on the first page of Google.

In MOZ  their website has a page authority of 40 and a domain authority of 23. So far, they rank 77 keywords , of which the following stand out:

  • ‘web positioning in venezuela’
  • ‘web positioning companies in venezuela’
  • ‘Costa Rica social media administration’
  • ‘web page prices in miami’
  • ‘maracay website’
  • ‘ny web design’
  • ‘Tijuana logo design’

In Ubersuggest its domain authority is located at 23 and registers 98,972 backlinks.

Time on the market

According to the information provided on their home page, Avendaño has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 20 years.


They do not have a page dedicated to specifying their prices. However, on the Web Design page they specify, for each service, the prices and packages they offer. For SEO and Graphic Design services they do not specify prices, but rather offer the option to quote by filling in a form.

Quality of service

They have an updated blog with a lot of information. They have attractive titles and images.

However, the content that is shared in each section is excessively extensive, which reduces the ability to generate a good user experience.

In addition, on their page called Store, they have a large number of reviews and purchase options for the best products you can find on the internet.

They also offer a portfolio but, instead of showing you their latest work, it takes you to the page of each service.

Site url
Clients and success stories6, including Farmatode
SEO effortsMOZ | DAY 23 | PA 40 | Keywords positioning: 77.

Ubersuggest | DAY 23 | Backlinks: 98,972 (9,509 no follow)
Years of experience20 years
CostsThey show their prices only in some of their Web Design services.
Quality of the informationThey have an updated blog. The texts that are offered to explain the service do not have a pleasant disposition. They offer reviews and purchase options for the best products on the internet.
Own tools
Reviews of your service

EM Solutions

Home – EM Solutions

The services offered are:

  • Web positioning
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web design 
  • Online store design
  • Local SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media Management


They do not specify the clients with whom they have worked nor are there reviews of this, however they clarify that there are 126 successful projects.

SEO efforts

Their effort to appear in the ninth position of Google when doing the search for ‘SEO agencies in Venezuela’ is to be appreciated.

Regarding the tools and data that Moz throws up , it has a domain authority of 11 and page authority of 21.

From Ubersuggest his domain authority is 11 and his backlinks are 161 (31 no follow).

Time on the market

On their home page they say that they already have six years of experience. 


The only way to know your costs is to request a quote. In each service they give you the option and send you to fill out a form.

Quality of service

They have a blog that has many articles, however they have not updated it since 2020.

Site url
SEO effortsMOZ: PA 21 | DA 11

Ubersuggest: DA 11 | 161 backlinks (31 no follow)
Years of experience6
Information qualityLatest blog update in 2020
Own tools
Reviews of your service


Home – Servisoftcorp

Its services are:


Most of Servisoftcorp’s clients are based in the United States and Spain. Some of them are: Encaja , Todo Pisos Alicante , La Canastilla del Baby and Lorena Hurtado .

SEO efforts

They occupy the fourth place on the first page of Google in the search for ‘SEO agencies Venezuela’.

The MOZ tool indicates that its page authority is 25, while its domain authority is 26.

For Ubersuggest its domain authority is 26. It has 1,050 backlinks, 301 are no follow.

Time on the market

At the beginning of their site they count the more than 9 years they have in the Venezuelan market. 

Its About Us section shows a solid corporate structure that aims to be a leader in the sector.


The site does not have a section dedicated to the prices of the service. It is also not possible to request a quote.

The only contact methods on the site are the form and the WhatsApp API.

Quality of service

Unlike all the sites we have seen so far, Servisoftcorp does have a blog.

In it they share content regarding the use of tools, benefits of the service and its impact on brands.

Each entry has more than 2,000 words. Titles invite reading. The images are optimized, although their reading is not always the best.

All of the above allows us to consider that the blog is active and aims to develop an interesting content marketing strategy.

Site url
Clients and success stories5
SEO effortsMOZ | DA 26 | PA 25

Ubersuggest | DA 26 | Backlinks: 1,050 (301 are no follow)
Years of experienceMore than 9 years
Quality of the informationArticles on the blog with good length and content.
Own tools
Reviews of your service


Despite economic variations, SEO agencies in Venezuela represent plurality in methods, strategies and work philosophy.

Choosing which one you can create a team with depends as much on her experience and portfolio as on the affinity you may have with her.

The ranking that we have presented is only descriptive and part of the user experience that you could have when searching through Google for SEO agencies in Venezuela.

As we did here, it is recommended that when deciding which agency will be your ally, you analyze and discover what the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates are.


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