The main social media trends in 2021 for your business

Changes in social networks are constant and revolutionary. Digital Marketing professionals and Community Managers have to be attentive to news so that companies do not lose traffic or customers. Therefore, in this article we bring you the trends in social networks for 2021. Do not miss it and keep reading!

What trends will emerge in social networks by 2021?

We know that the boom in online shopping has meant a change in many companies that have launched a new business model and that social networks have played an important role in this process. But what other trends will emerge on social media by 2021? We tell you about it from the hand of our experts.

Growth of UGC (User Generated Content)

According to Eva Rodríguez, Director of the Graduate Program in Professional Influencer , “the trends in social networks for 2021 will be conditioned by two things. Because of the new functionalities of social networks, and inevitably because of the situation we live with the coronavirus. The current context has made us change our habits and become more active with networks and digital platforms such as e-commerce ».

In addition, he assures that « UGC (User Generated Content) will grow exponentially, because users have it easier than ever to generate their own content. Thanks to networks like Instagram or Tik Tok it is becoming easier to make videos and share content, eliminating certain technical barriers. And this also affects brands, which must create content using these functionalities but giving a more professional touch to what they publish.

An exponential change in the way of communicating

Second, another of the trends in social networks that 2021 seems to bring is the change in the way of communicating. Professor Eva Rodríguez believes that “communication will have to give a brutal change due to the coronavirus. Brands and companies should promote digital content to replace face-to-face and networking events , seeking new ways to interact with the community and with related companies. They must continue to provide valuable content to an audience that is increasingly aware of the situation and more used to using tools like Zoom.

Massive meetings and corporate mass events will not be held again (at least in the short term) the way we did. Teleworking has arrived hand in hand with online meetings and events . This has also led to a change in the way of consuming and in the audience. Digital content will supersede traditional content and new ways of targeting and reaching a new type of audience will emerge.

Digital Selling: sales strategy

Nobody is aware that 2021 is the year of the  digitization of companies , the undisputed protagonist of all types of businesses. The expert Sonia Duro, professor of the Executive Master in Marketing, Sales and Digital Strategy Management , assures that “the economic recovery will be fundamental and, therefore, Digital Selling will be the  sales strategy “. In addition, he adds: “We know that just ‘being’ on the Internet is no longer enough, but that companies and organizations have to be visible and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Therefore, combining social selling and positioning will be the key to being a successful 21st century company. Social Networks, SEO, Content Marketing… this is the magic combination! ».


Join the digital change.

On the other hand, Sonia Duro considers that eCommerce will reach very high demand quotas in B2C businesses . «Also B2B (or B4B, as I like to call them) will take the definitive step on LinkedIn. Social Selling and Employer Branding will be the most important demand to sell with social networks and attract and retain talent ”, he explains. “We are facing a year in which all businesses will bring out their best digital weapons and, for this reason, we cannot focus on one trend, but success depends on the combination of all of them, that is,  strategy . And we call this mix Digital Selling ».

The rise of ecommerce

Another trend in social networks for 2021 and in line with the previous ones is the rise of e-commerce. According to Álvaro Lozano, professor of the Master in Community Management. Company 4.0 and Social Networks , «2020 has been a very hectic year, also in the digital environment. ECommerce has grown exponentially, so much so that it has already reached the levels forecast for the year 2025 . This sharp growth, caused by the pandemic, has forced new online shopping habits in people who have traditionally tried to avoid it. He also assures that “this new behavior also implies interesting changes in the development of online sales integrated into most social networks. Digital sales in 2021 are expected to be much more social.

Undoubtedly, the circumstances of 2020 have caused the acceleration of processes that were already underway. For example, the digitization of physical stores , which already enters the door of small shops when recently it was only implemented in large retail brands. With this, data collection, customer experience and process automation will continue to gain relevance.

The rise of new social networks like Reddit

Álvaro Lozano also believes that the use of new social networks as an alternative to Instagram or Facebook , for example Reddit, is a value on the rise in the coming years. “Many users prefer to maintain privacy, but without sacrificing entertainment. That is why Instagram has drifted more towards a social network in which we are more interested in the lives of our acquaintances or famous people, than a neutral content of pure leisure. For this reason, I believe that Reddit , which has already been a success for almost a decade in the US, will grow considerably in Europe in the coming years. “

Reddit is already the sixth most visited site in the world and has 542 million monthly users. However, in Europe it has not yet found its niche. This is a community-determined content aggregator . That is, a social network in which its users send publications and the rest can vote positively or negatively according to their preferences. If a post receives a lot of positive points, Reddit increases its ranking and shows it to more people. This social network is divided into sub-communities of any topic and, everything indicates, its success is expected to continue to increase.

What do you think of the trends in social networks for 2021? Leave your comments and share!

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