Top +20: The best Social Media tools to enhance your social media strategy (2021)

Sometimes we talk indistinctly about social networks or social media, but to tell the truth, social networks are only one part of the great gear of Social Media, which includes many other elements, such as, for example, blogs, and everything that surrounds them.

When it comes to proposing strategies in this field, we can find endless tools that will help us in their implementation, development and good results. Today, we present to you those that we consider essential (which we will divide according to their theme), and that we are sure will be of great help to you when implementing your social media strategy.

The best Social Media tools to enhance your network strategy

  • AgoraPulse
  • Asana
  • Audiense
  • Brandwatch
  • Buffer
  • Canva
  • Coobis
  • Crello
  • Fotor
  • Hootsuite
  • Leolytics
  • Metricool
  • Onlypult
  • Piktochart
  • Pixlr Editor
  • Publisuites
  • SocialBakers
  • Social Studio / Radian 6
  • Sprinklr
  • Sproutsocial
  • Trello
  • Tweetdeck
  • Union Metrics
  • WeTransfer

Social Media tools for scheduling and posting on social networks


Agora is a simplified smm tool . A tool that allows you to maximize the performance of your content, as well as the interaction on it. An easy and intuitive option that can help you in your smm. In addition, if you find some kind of difficulty in its mechanics, it is as easy as accessing its main page and clicking on its 90-second tutorial.


Buffer is  a tool that functions both as a content manager and as an organizer of planned content . In addition, the one-click access to the statistics of all the managed accounts makes it a key tool for this year.

It has a free version with more restricted functionalities, but also another for only € 15 / month that allows you to program a total of 100 posts per social network (compared to 10 for the free version). In addition to these, we have more advanced versions ranging from € 99 to € 399 depending on the number of posts that can be scheduled.


Hootsuite  is one of the most popular social media tools: a web and mobile application that is used to manage, from a single place, different profiles on social networks, and with a single (and common) dashboard. It is a very simple tool to execute, and it is full of interesting functions such as, for example, programming posts on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn . Through it, it is possible to write updates, upload photos, leave scheduled articles or follow conversions in which you are immersed, and all through a single panel.

With a 30-day free trial, it has different versions ranging from the most basic plan (10 social profiles, unlimited programming and 1 user) for € 19 / month, to other more complete plans that can reach € 599.


Metricool is a tool that allows you to monitor the general situation of the content you publish. With a free version (and other Premium ones from € 9.99) you can find, in a single panel, all kinds of information about your publications: web analytics, blog content, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Find out what is happening on your networks (in real time), easily publish your publications and follow the evolution of your networks . And all this through an easy and intuitive tool.


To continue in line with the previous theme, we will talk about  Onlypult:  one of the best options today to publish on Instagram; the social network that is growing the most in recent months . A useful tool to schedule publications on the web, in addition to indicating the location (which may or may not coincide with the current moment), respond to comments and… schedule Stories! In addition, how could it be otherwise, it offers you all kinds of statistics.

Their prices vary depending on their functionalities, the most basic being € 10 / month managing 3 Intagram accounts, and the most professional € 55.30 / month (managing up to 40 accounts).

It has a free trial version for 14 days to see if it fits your needs, then you could choose between different packages offered: Blogger from $ 11.40 / month Business from $ 15.00 / month, and Team (a package that give you the option to customize it to the maximum) from $ 23.40 / month.


It is another of the tools available to manage your social networks and offer your audience what they really want to see. In a personalized way, SocialBakers measures and manages your social networks in an intelligent way, which allows your brand to generate quality content , measuring its effectiveness through social. Their payment plans start at 17 euros.


Sproutsocial is a social media interaction and management software that ranges from its Standart version  (for $ 99 USD / month) to other more advanced versions called Proffesional and Advanced , of $ 149 USD and $ 249 USD / month respectively, that is, about 89 €, € 130 and € 217 respectively.

All of them facilitate the user the complete management of social networks , as well as monitoring profiles, keywords and locations. One of the main differences between them is the number of profiles that accept: 10 the cheapest subscription, and 15 and 20 the following.


We can use  Tweetdeck when we are looking for a valid tool to manage several Twitter accounts at the same time, schedule tweets and control mentions, messages, notifications and much more. The entire (immense ) universe of Twitter in a single desktop or control panel, with all the information necessary for its management. Of course, it is also possible to leave scheduled tweets when you are not in front of the computer.

A very complete and extremely simple tool to learn to use. Friendly interface, which enhances the interaction on the network and allows you to track trends more effectively. And free!

Social Media tools to identify, analyze and grow your audience


If you are looking to understand and perfectly identify your audience , Audiense  (formerly known as SocialBro ) is your ideal alternative.

As you can see in the video, this social media tool allows you to identify relevant audiences for your business -as well as segment audiences based on a large number of criteria-, while discovering valuable insights that allow you to develop the most effective strategies. Among its most powerful features are the ability to create automated rules (for example, to generate responses or create lists based on the behavior of users on Twitter) or the monitoring of thousands of tweets.

Although it is true that the tool has a cost attached for its use, it also has a free trial version for 15 days that will allow you to discover if it is -in fact- effective (or not) for you.


Talking about Brandwatch is referring to a web application that allows knowing the opinion of consumers on and about any topic. 

As they indicate on their own website, it is the best way to understand what really matters. Whether you are carrying out a general marketing study, or if we are talking about a micro campaign at the local level … It doesn’t matter. Knowing the opinion of your audience about certain topics is key when it comes to obtaining great results. As someone once said .. . Information is power.

Social Studio / Radian 6

Another essential social media tool is Radian 6 (Social Studio) ; a Salesforce tool whose functionality consists of adding data from different sources to your system, whether in the form of posts, tweets, videos, forums, images and much more, and then performing a thorough and detailed analysis of the data to achieve a performance in Social Media as accurate and efficient as possible, thanks to their deep understanding of who and what is taking place on a given network.

We can have its free version at no additional cost, or purchase -for a small fee- the more Premium version , which manages to unlock some other extra functionality. However, in any case they must be activated in the Insights gallery .


Following a lot in the line of Brandwatch, we find Sprinklr . Sprinklr is a tool that will allow you -in the same way- to listen to what your customers really want in any social network and to be able -in this way- to offer them the best experiences for them: a tool whose management axis is the customer experience.

Union Metrics

The Union Metrics tool provides the analysis necessary to build an effective Social Media strategy, beyond the mere management of social networks. On the one hand, it analyzes the profile of your social networks to achieve its expansion in an effective way, and on the other hand it makes complete campaign reports according to the keywords indicated.

Regarding their prices, we find different rates. The  $ 49 / mo Social Manager analyzes the engagement and performance of posts from up to 3 social profiles with a limit of 2,500 posts; that of Social Marketer , of $ 99 / month, which already generates information on the audience with detailed reports, synchronizes 3 profiles and allows to publish up to 25,000 posts; Finally, the Marketing Team manages 6 profiles simultaneously with access to several managers and allows 50,000 publications for a price of $ 199 / month.

Social media tools for image creation and editing


If your problem is in the design of creatives for your campaigns, and not in the management of social networks, Canva is your solution! A program where design becomes simple, allowing you to create and design all kinds of presentations, graphic content for social networks and much more, with hundreds of creative designs. And, best of all, totally free!

With an intuitive and simple interface, with hundreds of templates, images and filters.


Crello is an online graphic editing software that was launched on the market in June 2017, as a startup that emerged from Depositphotos, the well-known image bank. A simple and fast tool that was born to solve the problem of creating visual content  when you are not, technically, a graphic designer.

Thanks to Crello, we can design exportable formats in 36 different configurations, and have more than 12,000 free images online that include photos, icons, patterns and vectors. We can also find the option to decorate with frames, backgrounds, shapes and illustrations.


Following the range of image creation and editing tools we have Fotor , a powerful and intuitive online photo editing tool .

Its functionalities include: collage and editing . They have recently included among their functions that of designing , without the need for prior knowledge. It has more than 100,000  templates , in different formats, with which you can design from graphics for social networks, to stationery, advertisements and logos.

It has a free basic version , and two paid versions that multiply your options (from $ 8.99 / month).


With mechanics quite similar to Canva, Piktochart will allow you – quickly, easily, simply and intuitively – to create perfect designs without having to be a creative expert in Photoshop. It has a greater number of resources available, such as titles, images, backgrounds and filters.

You can try it in its demo version, however, Piktochart does have a price attached to each of its packs: Pro  ($ 29 USD / month) and  Professional Equipment (from $ 52 USD / month that will vary according to the number of users you want to give discharge).

Pixlr Editor

To continue with the image editing line, we can talk about Pixlr Editor , a solution for image editing very similar to Photoshop. The difference compared to traditional editing programs, such as Photoshop, is that it can be used online and totally free.

With regard to faster edits, we refer to Pixlr Express , which seeks to make it easier for the user to quickly digitally edit images, based on a series of filters and particular tools. It has no waste!

Social media tools to find influencers


Coobis is one of the leading Branded Content & Influencer Marketing platforms  in the Spanish market,  with more than 25,000 media and influencers with which different actions can be carried out that help give more visibility to brands. Coobis has an easy-to-use and intuitive platform with a  ranking of media & influencers  that allows filtering according to different aspects such as:  SEO authority  , traffic, followers they have on social networks, country, subject …  and the metrics are constantly updated. That is, it works as an online content marketing platform in which  advertisers  (brands, agencies …)  and publishers meet (websites, people who have profiles on social networks, influencers …).

Through Coobis, advertisers can find media and influencers with which  to make their brands known  to an audience that would otherwise be difficult to reach, through actions such as the publication of sponsored articles, the realization of mentions in networks social networks or appear in the video of a   successful youtuber . For their part, the media achieve  visibility to monetize  their social networks, blogs or websites, in a simple and fast way.


Leolytics   is an ideal tool for any link building strategy in digital media. It is aimed at agencies or the end client that has an SEO department and wants to outsource the link creation service  , branding campaigns or content creation  internationally.

Within the platform you can have access to more than 1500 national and international media, both blogs or magazines and newspapers in which you can publish articles on the brand or any other topic with links to the client.


Publisuites  is another of the great tools to search for influencers in Spain: a platform known, fundamentally, for its orientation towards creating SEO friendly content  ,  but which also includes the possibility of hiring publications on social networks from a wide variety of individual influencers and media.

If you are interested in delving into other similar tools , to search for influencers , you will find 19 others in this article .

Social media tools for day-to-day management


Asana allows its users, in the simplest and easiest way possible, to spend time monitoring work and obtaining results through tasks and projects where, among other things, the notifications option can be configured . A total advance from start to finish, with enough control to be able to manage your entire business through a single tool. And, in addition, it has a free version!


Talking about managing tasks is referring to Trello , a tool for creating boards that will allow you to put in order whatever activity you are carrying out. It allows inviting people, and sharing or assigning tasks to whoever corresponds in a work chain, so that, as the activity progresses, so will Trello. In addition, it has the advantage that it allows you to attach files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

With Trello you’ll be able to work offline, add to-do lists on cards, and even work offline, with dashboards that will automatically re-sync as the network arrives again.


WeTransfer is an application created for the transfer of large files , which are generally not supported for sending by email. Today, the popularity it has earned is quite considerable; a tool that, in an easy, effective and fast way, manages to send large files. The great advantage it has is that it does not force its users to create a profile account,  you will only have to access its website and send your files directly by entering the email of the person you want to receive it.

However, it also has a paid version that allows you to benefit from advanced options, such as direct shipping of 20 GB (compared to the 2 GB that the free version allows). Your Premium service has a cost of € 120 per year (€ 12 per month)

So far our selection of the best social media tools. Do you miss any? Our comments section is waiting for you 😉


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